Puzzler’s Corner #1

I have introduced this new feature to the blog to try and stimulate a bit of rules clarification and discussion.

To be able to answer this question, you might like to refer to the online rules reference Dragon Dice Rules.

How many save results have been generated by this Coral Elf army?

Please comment here with your answers along with your working out to assist new players.

NB The minor terrain is a Feyland

My answer, which may or may not be correct, will be published next week along with puzzle #2.

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  1. Dolus says:

    The player gets to add minor terrain colors to their army for racial abilities, giving the Coral Elf player access to green.
    Green gives coral elves the racial ability maneuvers count as saves.

    Ash storm subtracts one result from all army rolls at the terrain

    Rules Reference > Die Roll Resolution
    4. Count non-SAI action results
    5. subtract modifiers
    6. Divide
    7. Add SAI results
    8. Multiply
    9. Add (and counts as, which is the coral elf’s racial)

    ID icons generate the type of result the roll is for (defense in this example)
    No more than one modifer may divide or multiply.

    2 ID
    3 save
    8 maneuver
    4 fly SAI (Maneuver OR Save, not both. Saves is more advantageous in this scenario)
    3 missile

    In effect:
    1 Ash Storm (subract 1 result from each roll)
    Transmute Rock to Mud (subtract 6 maneuver results to each rol)
    Double saves minor terrain roll

    One piece of ambiguity is the Ash Storm. It reduces 1 from a roll, but doesn’t specify what it reduces. Can I choose maneuver? Missile? Or must I choose my saves? This is something that requires further reading of the rules or clarification from the designers. But in the interest of playing timely, let’s assume the most sensible thing and assume we have to subtract what we’re rolling for; saves.
    Die Roll Resolution
    Step 4. IDs count as saves, since that’s what we’re rolling for. We therefore have 5 saves and 8 maneuver. Don’t add the SAI results in, yet.
    Step 5. Subtract 1 save and 6 maneuver. This gives us 4 saves and 2 maneuver
    Step 7. Add the Fly SAI. Fly counts as save or maneuver, it’s advantageous for us to choose saves, so we add 4 saves (Monster icons count as 4 unless specified in the SAI). We have 8 saves and 2 maneuver.
    Step 8. Multiple our saves result by 2. EDIT: I had also missed or forgotten the new rule that minor multipliers only affect ID results. So 2 ID is multiplied to 4, giving us 10 saves and 2 maneuver.
    Step 9. Add and racial abilities happen here, so 2 maneuver converts to saves. 10+2 is 12 saves.

    Reading other comments before I post, it looks like I got the same answer and same thought process as Nathan.

    1. thesteveallen says:

      Thanks for this contribution. It is good to see that at least two of you are getting the same result.
      Not so with #2 though. Have you tried it yet? It appears to be causing problems, even with long term players.

  2. Nathan Miller says:

    Yep, that’s what I get for assuming, lol.

    So, during the multiply step, I only double the ID results (2) to bring the subtotal to 10 during that step, and then count 2 maneuvers as saves during the add step. Total 12 saves.

    1. thesteveallen says:

      You will be pleased to know that another contributor, who shall remain nameless, initially made exactly the same mistake. It is for that reason that I knew straight away what you had done.

  3. Nathan Miller says:

    I’m getting 18 saves:

    No reroll effects, no SAIs present that do things other than generate results. Initially, we have non-SAI normal results of 5 saves (3 shields plus 2 ID) and 8 maneuvers.

    Subtract 6 maneuver results due to Transmute Rock to Mud, and 1 shield save from Ash Storm, leaving 2 maneuvers and 4 saves.

    No divisions.

    Add 4 saves from Fly, bringing subtotal to 8 saves, 2 maneuvers.

    Multiply saves by 2 due to minor terrain face, making 16 saves, 2 maneuvers.

    Feyland is water, allowing Coral Elves to count maneuvers as saves, so count the 2 maneuvers as saves.

    Grand total 18 saves.

    1. thesteveallen says:

      I am not going to comment (yet) other than to suggest that you take another look at the minor terrain rules for doubling. They have changed since version 3!!!
      This link might assist.

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