Puzzler’s Corner #2

As a consequence of the interest in my post yesterday, the answer to which I will be giving next weekend, I have decided to try another.

The question here is: How many Manoeuvre results for this army?

How many manoeuvre results for this army?

I think that this might be a bit easier than the first, but it will be interesting to see.

Please comment this post with your answers.

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  1. Dolus says:

    Yellow present at terrain: Dwarves count melee as maneuver

    Trample counts as maneuver and melee.
    Dragonkin melee doesn’t count towards Dwarven racial ability, but is stil subtracted from dancing lights
    Dragonkin 1 ID
    Dwarf 1 ID
    4 Rend – 4 Maneuver during maneuver roll
    3 Melee
    4 Counter – No results (not a save, melee attack, or dragon attack roll)
    3 Maneuver
    3 Trample – 3 manuever + 3 melee

    Dancing Lights – 6 melee
    Minor terrain – Double maneuvers (for IDs)

    I’m not going to walk through all the steps as detailed as for Puzzle 1, even though I should.
    Our only modifiers will be subtracting 6 melee, then doubling ID maneuvers, then converting Dwarven melee to maneuvers.
    All normal melee results (3 from Dwarf and 1 from dragonkin) are zero’d out because of Dancing Lights. I didn’t see the rule from V3.0 and before about zero being the minimum result, so I am assuming this rather than looking to confirm it’s there.
    We have 2 ID (1 dragonkin and 1 dwarf) which doubles to 4 maneuvers.
    Any remaining Dwarven melee (from SAI cause the normal is already 0) converts to maneuvers, and we add in dwarven maneuvers from SAI
    4 (ID doubling) + 4 Rend + 3 Maneuver + 6 Trample (3 Manuever + 3 Melee) = 17 total.

    1. thesteveallen says:

      Thanks, once again. You are not the only person to have answered 17, and I do not want to comment until others have had a chance to deliberate.
      I can, however, confirm that the ruling about zero being minimum still holds in v4 rules.

      If you feel like you could make any further contributions to this blog, please let me know. Jeff and I are currently trying to keep it busy, but with kust the two of us, we are lacking a bit of variety.

      1. Dolus says:

        I will keep my mind open to that. I don’t have time or ideas right now, but it could certainly be fun.

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