Puzzler’s Corner #6

No, I have not gone soft and decided to make these puzzles easy. Number 5 was deliberately designed to simply illustrate a point, so we are now back to normal with a more difficult set up.

The Coral Elves have just attacked the Lava Elves and the latter have saved. The Cantrips were used to generate Hailstorms (as shown).

The question is, how many damage, if any, do the Lava Elves take?

For those who do not follow my battles, I always use spell cards by facing them towards to caster so that I know when the effects expire. This is why the Ash Storms appear upside-down. It is not to confuse.

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  1. thesteveallen says:

    You and I appear to agree, but I am told that the Hailstorms are treated separately in the middle of the missile attack. I will have to clarify this. Chuck / Cliff could you guys please clarify for us?

  2. Nathan Miller says:

    Here goes!

    Coral Elves damage:
    4 from Hailstorms
    Missile Subtotal: 16
    3 Ash Storm reduces to 13 Missile
    Landslide halves Missile results, rounding down, to 6.
    No other SAIs, multiplies, or adds, so final total is 6 missile plus 4 Hailstorm = 10 damage.

    Lava Elves save roll:
    Initial subtotal: 6 ID, 3 save, 2 lava elf maneuver at fire terrain
    3 ash storm wipes out non-ID saves
    No divisions
    SAI Counter adds 4 saves. Subtotal is now 6 ID, 4 saves, 2 maneuvers
    Multiply: Minor Terrain doubles ID saves. New total 12+4 saves, and 2 manuevers then count as saves in the final step, final total 18 saves.

    Lava Elves take no damage.

    1. Nathan Miller says:

      Edit: I meant to add that I didn’t count the magic item maneuver results, since the rules explicitly state that item results are never affected by racial abilities.

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