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I came back to playing Dragon Dice completely by accident in November 2018 after an absence of 20 years. This was about 1 month after the version 4 rules were produced and I was intrigued by this 96 page document.

Although the rules are well-written, precise and comprehensive, they do not, hardly unsurprisingly, contain ‘worked examples’.

When a friend of mine bought his first Dragon Dice on eBay, more for fun than anything else, I decided to send him a ‘story’ in the form of a simple DD battle, so that he would better understand what the game was all about.

As this seemed to be an entertaining form of tuition, we agreed that we should consider making up a blog to assist new Dragon Dice players.

This site is the blog that arose from that discussion.

Since then, I have given a lot of thought to the project and I am still working on ideas and looking for other players to assist.

As a minimum I want the blog to contain pages, which are references for players, giving statistics and tactical guides for play, and posts, which will be storybook games of increasing complexity to show new players (and old) how the many parts work together to form the complex tapestry that is Dragon Dice.

I have made extensive use here of the Cards produced by William Johnsen to illustrate Spells and Special Action during games and I hope that you will find them equally useful.

Please remember that these are for personal use only, and are not to be used for any commercial gain.

The cards can be downloaded from here:-

Spell and SAI Cards (Personal Use Only).

If you would like to help me with the production of this resource, please let me know by commenting on this page.

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