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Undead Test Armies

Undead Test Army #1

A 24-health army with athletic undead to surprise any opponent.


Heavy Melee

  • Wight x 1
  • Zombie x 2

Light Melee

  • Death Knight x 1
  • Revenant x 1


  • Ghost x 2
  • Spectre x 1
  • Wraith x 2

Light Magic


Heavy Magic

  • Heucuva x 1
  • Apparition x 2


  • Feyland City (not shown, as I don’t have one)
  • Feyland Castle


  • Black Wyrm

Battle Plan

Initial Deployment

  • Home – Death Knight, Revenant, Wight, Heucuva, Zombie, Apparition
  • Campaign – Zombie
  • Horde – Ghost x 2, Spectre, Wraith x 2, Apparition x 2

General Objective

This army is constructed to surprise in that it is a very mobile Undead army. Most opponents will not be expecting this. The lack of missile ability is cancelled out by use of Feyland territories, where there is only a single missile face.

The horde should win the manoeuvre roll and select its own suggested terrain (Feyland of any type will do) but, if not, the cavalry should concentrate its efforts in getting terrains away from missile faces by using these cavalry units.

The magic units should be strong enough to assist movement with Restless Dead spells and Palsy until the army captures its home terrain. From here on, Soiled Ground and the melee proficiency of the Heavy and Light melee units should be used to stop the opponent using Resurrection and Feralization to bring units back to life.

This Army in Use

Undead v Scalders v Swamp Stalkers

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