Round 2

This article is part 2 of a battle report. If you have not read the first part, it can be found here:-


Monsters: Where’s my dragonkin?

Back in the pool.

Esfits: Oh yeah, he can’t leave.

My mistake. I withdrew everything and forgot to put him back.

That should now be right. No racials available as nothing in DUA and no deadlands. No dragons.

1st March Esfits.

Esfits: Magic at the reserves.

Rolling for magic.

Esfits: Stone Skin on the frontier army please.

Esfits: My second March will start with bringing in a highland forest minor at the frontier.

Rolling minor terrain.

Esfits: Reinforce all to the frontier and end turn.

Monster Bash

Monsters: First March: magic from reserves.

Rolling for reserve magic.

Monsters: Resurrect Dead my dead and then flashfire my home.

Monsters: Second March is magic at home.

Monsters: I’ll re-roll the Phoenix if it doesn’t produce magic.

Monsters: Dang, I should’ve pulled a minor!

Too late, I’m afraid.

Monsters: Yup! My punishment for slow play during chores. Summon a red foal and cast lightning strike. Target in a moment.

Esfits: Look on the bright side, it also means you avoided a possible disaster icon.

Monsters: Maybe I wanted disaster 🙂

You came to the right place!

Monsters: Lighting strike the Mammoth Rider.

Rolling Mammoth Rider for saves.

Esfits: Better lucky than good, even better lucky and good :grin:

Monsters: Reinforcements…Daybringer, and 1 pointer to home. Rest to frontier. Phoenix to frontier.