Division 1 match between the Coral Elves from The Birthlands Talvatic Coast and the Swamp Stalkers from Camp Firewood in the Western Plains.

Referee: and so the conflict begins

Game setup

Shockingly, the Coral Elves win, 5 to 0

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Was that my roll for missiles?

Referee: Sadly, no

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: I bet @BWHAS is upset about that!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

BWHAS: I am devastated by this terrain roll. Some people just have all the luck lol

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: I will go first @Referee

BWHAS: I’ll choose my terrain then

Referee: OK. So swampland it is. I guess that makes it @Talvatic Coast Dodgers’s turn. Actually, it would help if I rolled the terrains first. I’m batting about .100

Round 1

Talvatic Coast Dodgers

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: 1st March, manoeuvre at home please @Referee

BWHAS: Oppose

Ferry plus 6 maneuver win for CE

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Up to 7 please. 2nd March manoeuvre at horde army.

Referee: @BWHAS oppose?

BWHAS: I was thinking my home earlier, no oppose. Yes oppose at horde

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: It is bad news when you don’t know where you live @BWHAS!! :slightly_smiling_face:

BWHAS: Lol eventually I’ll this figured out. Has any body seen my weapons around here?

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: I left them on the bus, sorry!

BWHAS: Well hell

Elves win 7 to 6

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Up to 4 please. No action. Withdraw Guard at Frontier and Enchanter from Horde to reserves and end turn.


Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Yep. That’s it.

BWHAS: Are you taking it easy on me @Talvatic Coast Dodgers? I feel like you’re pulling punches

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Not really. I am making it easy on myself. :brain:

BWHAS: Just making sure. I have. I have no problem taking a beating if that’s what’s coming

Referee: Bottom of the first. @BWHAS, first march?


BWHAS: Magic at the frontier please


BWHAS: Flash flood on my home terrain please

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Bring it on!!! You are facing the Talvatic men’s swimming club here @BWHAS !!

BWHAS: Lol well a fella’s gotta try

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Could I borrow some water wings?

BWHAS: Maybe they’re tired from drinking the night before

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Ah! Good point! They may be tired from drinking, never tired of drinking though!

Spell is successful. Terrain to 3

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Boo!

Attempts to attack the flood aren’t very effective, obviously

BWHAS: Huzzah! Second March, maneuver attempt at my home please. Ps. This is fun, I haven’t played in a long time

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Oppose, but more than 3 this time!

BWHAS: More than 3, but still less than me please 😀

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: :tongue:

Attempt fails 4 to 12

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Yay!! They found the deep end!

BWHAS: Wow, alrighty then lol

BWHAS: Missile attack please

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: :duck:

6 – more than I thought you’d get
8 saves – more than I thought you’d get.

BWHAS: You and me both

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Woot!

Referee: No damage. Reserves?

BWHAS: Please retreat single unit at horde army

Referee: Done

BWHAS: Ok, keep the rest as is. Thank you

Round 2

Talvatic Coast Dodgers

Referee: Top of the second. @Talvatic Coast Dodgers is up

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: You have changed a bit!

BWHAS: Oh no! I drove him to drink

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: 1st march, home up to temple face and try for magic please.

17 magic

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Lightning strike both swamp wizards please. Then wind walk on horde.

Swamp wizard at swampie home fails save, but has cantrip

Referee: @BWHAS spells

BWHAS: Would water double here save my guy?

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: I’m afraid that spells work on the army, not for individual rolls. Sorry!

BWHAS: That’s ok. I kinda figured but wanted to make sure. Watery doublex2 on my home army please

Referee: Ok

Lol. Cantrip

Referee: @BWHAS spells (not deja vu)

BWHAS: Double down

Spells in place. Second march?

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Try to manoeuvre at Swampies home.

Referee: @BWHAS resist?

BWHAS: Oppose please

Elves win 11 to 6 (includes wind walk)

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Up to 4 please. No action. Enchanter you home and guard to horde. End turn.


Referee: Bottom of 2nd. @BWHAS first march

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Watery doubles expire?

Referee: Yes. Sorry. Guess I should state that explicitly

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: I tend to forget if I don’t type it. I then have to scroll up the page to try to work out if they should be there or not.

BWHAS: Magic again at the frontier please.


BWHAS: Flash flood again at my home

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Come on boys! Resist (fairly obviously).

Yeah, really resisted

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: 19?

Referee: Yeah. A few more than 6

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: They will be wanting a pay rise if this continues.

Referee: Terrain stays the same

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: So do their wages!

BWHAS: Hangover wore off, I see. Second march, maneuver at my home

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Oppose

Fails 4 to 12. Including wind walk

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Slacking!

Slackbot: Are you looking for me? Sorry, but I was busy cleaning the floor in the Gentlemens’ Toilet and didn’t hear you call.

Referee: Action @BWHAS?

BWHAS: Missile again please

Unfortunately, smite isn’t a missile action. 0 results. No save roll.

Referee: Reserves? You have one unit in the reserve area

BWHAS: Pull back everyone. Full retreat

Round 3

Talvatic Coast Dodgers

Referee: Top of the third. Spells expire

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: That would look a lot nicer with a purple inked monster.

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: 1st March – magic at home please. Bury wizard first. Pretty please

2 (Note I will be removing buried units from the board as they cannot be unburied and it prevents mistakes)

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Much obliged.

Referee: First march

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Magic at home please.

Ferry, and 16 potential magic

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: No ferry at the moment thanks.

Referee: Ok. 16 magic

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Lightning strike both Swamp Giants and Blizzard on my home.

Aim is impeccable

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Without a single peck.

Referee: Second March

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: That is what @Referee did to me. This is me catching up on that lesson.

Referee: Who me? Lol

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Ok. Swampies home up to 5 please.

Referee: You aren’t supposed to use my tactics. Reserve?

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Are you serious about reserves? 😀

Referee: No

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Good! :grinning:


Referee: Bottom of the third. @BWHAS, you’re up

BWHAS: Magic in reserves please


Referee: Sorry dude. I tried

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Lots of watery doubles! :smiling_imp:

Referee: Basically

BWHAS: Yeah that


BWHAS: Full push to frontier


Round 4

Talvatic Coast Dodgers

Referee: Top of the 4th

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Bury something please. 1st March – try for magic at home.

Referee: @BWHAS wizard or giant

BWHAS: Giant

Referee: Done

A little less this time

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Ok. Thinking. 2 x wind walks and a blizzard on home please.

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: 2nd March – swampie home to 6 please. No reserves. End turn. Miscounted.

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: A watery double too please.

Referee: Where?

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Home army. Sorry. It is late here.

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Thanks.

BWHAS (oops)

Referee: Bottom of 4th. @BWHAS you are up

BWHAS: Maneuver down frontier, please, and then magic

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Oppose. Whoa! Your guys are at the frontier!! Major cock up here.

BWHAS: Why? What happened?

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: I thought that you were at my home. My fault. How stupid!

BWHAS: We can back up so you change accordingly, I’m fine with that. A mistake that wouldn’t have been made if we were sitting at a table together

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Very true. That makes me feel less bad.

BWHAS: I play a lot of games, I know how it goes.

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: If @Referee is happy, then so am I. It is nearly 1:30 in the morning here, so I am going to have to go soon.

BWHAS: No worries, we can resume tomorrow if everyone is available

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: If @Referee permits it, scrap my spells and cast 2 lightning strikes on 2 marsh mages. If not, ho hum. I did wonder why the blizzard was placed on my army. It makes sense now. Time for bed for me. Catch up tomorrow (or later today as we say on this side).

BWHAS: Lol sounds good. Have a good night

Slackbot: Good night Sir. Sleep well and don’t worry about those lousy belly rolls. Things can only get better.

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: G’night all.

Referee: Gnight. The presentation was cool

Referee: I’m just the facilitator. You guys are playing the game. If you’re agreed, and it appears you are, I’ll make the change

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Thanks. Recap – roll 13 magic and use it to cast 2 x lightning strikes on 2 x marsh mages at the frontier. 2nd March – swampie home up to 6. No action. No reserves. End turn.

One mage saves

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: I will fake a look of surprise. It is about time that one of the lightning bolts missed. I’m just pleased that, after waiting the whole match, the Swamp Giants went to reserves.

BWHAS (reset)

Referee: @BWHAS, you’re up

(recall) BWHAS: Maneuver down frontier, please, and then magic

11 magic

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Wow!!

Referee: :+1:

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: I demand a recount!!

Referee: Ok. 11. Lol

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Fair enough!! 🙂

BWHAS: Morning guys, can I see a pic of the current board state?

Referee: You have 11 magic

BWHAS: Ah ok. Let’s see… Wyrm to my home, palsy x2 on opponent horde army at my home

Referee: Reserve?

BWHAS: No thank you

Round 5

Talvatic Coast Dodgers

Referee: Top of the 5th. @Talvatic Coast Dodgers, no effects expire. 8th face phase. Then dragon attack.

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Bury someone please.

BWHAS: Giant

Referee: Done. Dragon attack

BWHAS: :pensive:

Dragon response

Refreree: Any way you do it, the dragon is dead. No promotions possible. (Unless @Talvatic Coast Dodgers intentionally leaves the dragon unharmed…lol)

Referee: First March

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Magic at home please.

I count 13

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: 2 wind walks on horde and 1 wind walk on home please. 2nd march – horde up to face 7.

Referee: I only have one card, so this “blizzard” is a placeholder for wind walk

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: 🙂

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Yay!! End turn.


Referee: Bottom of 5th. @BWHAS

BWHAS: Magic at frontier please

Looks like 7

BWHAS: Palsy on opponent horde then, flash flood on that terrain

3 + 8 wind walks -1 Palsy = 10, overcoming the flood

Referee: @BWHAS, did you understand the Blizzard was actually wind walk

BWHAS: Wouldn’t matter either way. I have no other way of stopping him from maneuvering to 8th face next turn, other than potentially dragon again hoping dragon wipes out everyone

Referee: I know. It’s just that this method was mathematically impossible. 8 maneuvers from wind walk minus one Palsy =7, enough to overcome the flood with zero rolled results. I just wanted to ensure you didn’t think they were c blizzard’s. I didn’t realize it at first either, or I wouldn’t have rolled.

BWHAS: Honestly I wasnt fully paying attention to that. Otherwise I might have gone dragon for slim chance versus no chance.

Referee: Well, you have a mulligan coming, in light of what you allowed @Talvatic Coast Dodgers to do 😀

BWHAS: If he’s cool with it, I’ll take it

Referee: I’m sure he would agree

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Bishop to Queen’s Knight 5. Check mate. Thanks for the game guys. That was the first time that I have stuck to my original plan and it actually worked.

Referee: Can he go back and try the next to impossible magic action instead of the impossible magic action, @Talvatic Coast Dodgers? @BWHAS if he says yes, do you want the wyrm or drake?

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: I am happy to do that.

Referee: Ok. @BWHAS, here’s your chance at the Hail Mary pass. Drake or Wyrm

BWHAS: Wyrm please :wyrm:

Oh well, we all knew it was a long shot …

Referee: good game everybody

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Is that it?

Referee: The dragon didn’t do enough to wipe you out, so yes

BWHAS: Good game @Talvatic Coast Dodgers!! Thanks for your time @Referee

Referee: You’re welcome. My pleasure

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Good game @BWHAS. My guys behaved this time.

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: Thanks again @Referee. Cheque in the post as always.

BWHAS: Sadly mine did not. They didnt like being under new management

Talvatic Coast Dodgers: I was not planning on suicide at this time. Perhaps next match

Referee: You had an average save value of 10, with a max of 22. He would have had to roll a lot of tails to take you out :grinning: