In the ongoing Slack League, the Coral Elves recently faced off against the Undead hordes. Clearly, the Selumari have been brushing up on articles found on this very site, namely Die of the Week: Sharpshooter – A Second Look.

Coral Elf taxi is here!

The shambling hordes were restless, not giving the Selumari a wink of sleep. Always running and trying to outmaneuver the Coral Elves throughout the night. The undead, however, found it hard to pin down the elusive elves. Their highly trained griffons being able to outmaneuver the skeletal steeds and ferry the elves to and from the front.

Use your Black Breath attack!!

There was a close call for the Selumari when the undead mages were able to call a large black dragon to the Coral Elves home terrain! The wyrm was able to scare off the elves with his Black Breath and take up residence along the coast, retiring at a shack on the shores, sipping rum out of coconuts for the rest of his days.


The elves, putting their studies to the test, lulled the undead into a false sense of security. As soon as the hordes finally closed to melee range, they were dealt a decisive blow with a massive 20 melee damage! Bones went flying, armies wiped out, and not even stepped damage could save enough of the horde to mount a meaningful counter attack. From there the elves continued the pressure and put up large numbers.

In the end, the Selumari paid the undead back in full, resettling in the highland homes of the now defeated horde. Claiming the frontier as well gave control of the region to the Coral Elves and peace was restored.