This article is part 3 of a battle report. If you have not read the first part, it can be found here:-

Round 4


Stone skin spells expire.

No 8th face effect.

Dragon phase.

Rolling the dragon whilst I still have good light.

Monsters: D’oh!

Esfits, Wild growth first.

Monsters: My life is a total failure -_- I mean, I hope this makes up for the slaughter earlier! Friends..? 😀

You should be pleased he forgot the trebuchet and Heartseeker.

Esfits: Hey, I’m back. If I remember how Wild Growth works, I choose the health worth of units and they promote 1 point, right? I just want to make sure I’m doing it right. So I would choose a Hamadryad and the elder dryad, which would promote to the dryad and the stranglevine if I am doing it right.

As I understand it, you can increase the total health of the treefolk units by 4 without being able to recruit. Hamadryad to Stranglevine is 3 promotion points.

Esfits: I just want to make sure so I’m not getting even more extra health than I am supposed to.

There is an example in the FAQs I think.

Monsters: Promotion is not limited to just treefolk, any unit can be promoted. You can promote multiple health. So a 1 pointer could become a 4 pointer and you’ll still have 1 point leftover. Or 4 1 pointers could become 4 2 pointers.

That is what I read.

Monsters: A unit promoted must be promoted to a unit of the same race.

Esfits: Ok, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting more than I should. I will promote a hamadryad to the pine prince, and the dragonkin up 2 points. Kill the dragon, and promote the pine prince to the stranglevine, the hamadryad to a dryad, and the dragonkin to a champion.

Monsters: You’re welcome.

The wild growth promotion.
Dragon killing promotion.

No racial ability promotions or recruits available. 1st March?

Esfits: Skip manoeuvre to keep the minor on magic, and roll for magic.

Rolling for magic….

Not one of the games more interesting rolls.

4 Swampstalkers magic 5 treefolk magic.

Esfits: Resurrect the pine prince.

Monsters: You’re just undoing all of my hard work. humph.

Esfits: I’m trying :wink:

Esfits: My pine prince and Mammoth Rider will take the golden Mithril Shield with them to the reserves.

Monster Bash

Flashfires expire. Racial effects available.

Monsters: Can I see my board?

Monsters: I think I will recruit a dragonfoal. That’s all I remember having available for abilities right now. Let’s bring in the Deadlands (after recruiting the Dragonfoal).

Colour of Dragonfoal?

Monsters: Red.

Rolling deadlands.

Deadland rolls ID

Monsters: Magic please. Then make a melee attack.

Roll for melee…

Monsters: C’mon 20 smite and Surprise…

Esfits: Surprise, 20 save.

12 cantrips, Seize, 12 melee, 2 manoeuvres from the Dragonfoals.

Monsters: Wow!

Seize does nothing in melee.

Monsters: What? Yes it does. During a melee or missile attack, target up to X health-worth of units in the defending army. Roll the targets. If they roll an ID icon, they are immediately moved to their Reserve Area. Any that do not roll an ID are killed.

Sorry. It is dark here. I misread. I think that as a result of our discussion the other day, the dragonkin champion can’t be a target of the seize?

Monsters: New question for Facebook, “What happens when you seize a dragonkin champion”?
Looks like you just thought of it too. Based on the previous discussion, I would agree with what you say. But I’m not sure if that’s intended. :stuck_out_tongue:

Monsters: Let’s use Cantrips first, 6 points of hailstorm on reserves.
Then Seize the Noble Willow and Striker.

3 hailstorms on reserves. No. 6 hailstorms?

Monsters: 6 hailstorm. 12 points for 6 hailstorm. Sorry, misspoke.

3 saves in reserves. 3 damage.

Monsters: We got one!

Esfits: Pine Prince dies.

Monsters: It only took 12 points of Fireshadows getting lucky to take out 3 points of enemy!

Pine Prince to DUA. Rolling for seize.

No IDs

Replanting not available.

That leaves 12 melee to defend. Rolling for saves.

Help. What does the logo do on the champion?

Monsters: Nothing. Saving against individual targeting affect is 4 saves. Or during melee attack can move dragon of matching colour from one terrain to another. If you’d have just rolled Belly, you wouldn’t have had to ask that question…

4 Cantrip and 4 saves?

Monsters: 4 saves? 7..? 2 IDs, Mithril Shield, +4 from dragonkin champion.

I missed the auto saves. 8 saves.

Monsters: That’s a 2 pointer treefolk ID, right? It looks like a 1 pointer from all the way up here.

2 pointer.

Esfits: Double stone skin, dryad dies. Hemadryad and bog adept die.

I am lost. 2 damage to take.

Monsters: It’s hard to tell faces. I think there’s no hamadryads, just a dryad. Which I think is the only option for 2 points of damage. We might need more pictures to see the board clearly.

Esfits: Sorry, I’m confused, lol. With the stoneskins, I have 10 saves, right? So I will lose the Dryad.

That now makes sense.

Esfits: I will counter attack.

Rolling for counter….

0 melee, but two goodies!

Cantrip and logo.

Monsters: Well that sucks for me. Why couldn’t you roll just 1 melee?

I think that might break the camel’s back.

Esfits: I’m not seeing anything that will help me as I go next, so all stone skins, lol.

Monsters: Bronze Medallion is cool, but I wish the Cantrip options were better.

Esfits: Everything ends before it does anything. I don’t know, hailstorm seemed pretty useful.

Monsters: You can try casting that if you like!

Esfits: No thank you!

Monsters: No reserves.