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Dwarf Test Armies

Dwarf Test Army #1

A 36-health Army of Melee and Magic


Heavy Melee

  • Sergeant x 2
  • Footman x 5

Light Melee

  • Skirmisher x 2


  • Mammoth Rider x 1
  • Lizard Rider x 2




  • Thaumaturgist x 2
  • Theurgist x 2


  • Roc x 1
  • Gargoyle x 1


  • Home – Wasteland Standing Stones
  • Frontier – Highland City

Minor Terrains

  • Flatland Village
  • Flatland Bridge
  • Highland wood
  • Swampland Village


  • Red / Black Hybrid Drake x 1
  • Red / Black Hybrid Wyrm x 1

Battle Plan

Initial Deployment

  • Home – Melee and Cavalry units less one Footman and one Skirmisher
  • Campaign – Magic units plus Skirmisher, Roc and Gargoyle
  • Horde – Footman

General Objectives

The tactic of this army is to use the minor terrains to introduce the earth element (yellow) in the Home terrain as long as it is necessary to get it to its 8th face. Having the earth element allows the Dwarf army to convert its many melee results to manoeuvres, so all infantry units should be employed to capture the Home terrain so that it can then be used by the magicians.

If the highland terrain is used at the frontier, then the campaign army should endeavour to keep it on the first 4 faces (magic) as long as possible, using Transmute Rock to Mud as and when necessary.

Once the Home terrain has been captured, the army should try to replace infantry with magic as soon as possible, making use of the path spell if using reserves is to be avoided.

Use of a dragon accompanied by Transmute Rock to Mud on a missile army which relies on converting Manoeuvres to Saves (Coral Elf, Lava Elf, Scalder and Swampstalker) is a good way of stalling a missile attack from a tower.

Concentrate on getting the Home terrain to its 8th face, then use magic in the form of Firebolts to trim down the opposition until they are able to be outnumbered by the Dwarven Infantry and Cavalry. Although heavy on melee attack, these guys should concentrate on using Mountain Mastery as the best way of employing melee results, especially against death races.

Lastly, and very importantly, do not forget to use the Dispel Magic ability of the Gargoyle – this is something that will impair the ability of your opponents to cast magic affecting your movement.

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