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Firewalker Test Armies

Firewalker Test Army #1

A 36-health Army of Maneuvering, Magic and More Magic

WARNING – Only play this army and use these tactics against a really good friend, or someone that you really don’t like.


Heavy Melee

  • Sentinel x 1
  • Watcher x 3

Light Melee

  • Adventurer x 1
  • Explorer x 2


  • Nightsbane x 1
  • Shadowchaser x 3




  • Ashbringer x 2
  • Sunburst x 4


  • Fireshadow x 1
  • Gorgon x 1


  • Home – Wasteland Temple
  • Frontier – Wasteland Grove

Minor Terrains

  • Coastland Bridge
  • Wasteland Bridge x 2
  • Wasteland Wood


  • Red / Black Hybrid Drake x 1
  • Red / Black Hybrid Wyrm x 1

Battle Plan

Initial Deployment

  • Home – Heavy Melee and Fireshadow
  • Campaign – Magic units
  • Horde – Light Melee, Cavalry and Gorgon

General Objectives

If you like to play games that last and last and last, this army is for you. If you like to mess your opponent about as much as you can, then this is the army for you. If you want to try out as much magic as you can, then this is the army for you. If you like using Dragons and watching your opponent run for cover, this is the army for you. If you want to win, then this is possibly not the army that you are looking for, but you will certainly enjoy yourself more than the winner does!!

The idea of this army is to use the Firewalkers Air Flight ability as much as possible to disrupt and change the terrain dice to unfavourable faces for your opponent. Heavy use of Wind Walk and Mirage should be encouraged as they are relatively cheap spells and, given that if the magic units are kept together, they should produce at least 10 results every time. This means that you can nearly always send 5 or 10 health of opponents packing at a terrain, use the gorgon and friends to turn the terrain die away from something useful to him, and then fly away to cause more mayhem.

If you can retain a terrain on a magic face, possibly with help from a minor terrain, you can cast magic to resurrect as necessary (hence the long game), summon multiple dragons and cast Dancing Lights to stop them from dispatching the dragon.

The use of Mirage to split up an army to leave the others fighting dragons is also to be encouraged.

When you are tired of watching your opponent fighting dragons, put them out of their misery by using Lightening Strike to remove the important units and then call in the dragons again.

If you really want to win, just keep the fun and games going until the dragon fighters are finished off by the last dragon. This is not an army that goes around worrying about capturing terrains. Life is more fun than that!

Ready to run rings around the Dwarves

I would love to get your feedback after using these guys. I spent the whole day yesterday thinking up devious plans for these guys to try out and I have just scratched the surface here. Enjoy!!!

PS. As pointed out by Jeff Denmon, the Mirage spell can be used on your own units to move them quickly through the reserves if there is no blue terrain available, or you have no units there already.

This Army in Use

Firewalkers v Coral Elves

Firewalkers v Frostwings

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