Over my travels there are few foes, or friends, as reliable or dangerous as the Eldarim. These people are a conglomerate of the native species of Esfah, dwarves, elves, goblins and humans dedicated religiously to the dragons that terrorize the battlefields of Esfah. Where they stand so the Dragonkin scioned of the elemental dragons themselves!

The Eldarim are not a fully equipped species. They have large, medium, and small heavy melee melee specialists, shield bearers, (save specialists) and magic (magic specialists). Their cavalry (maneuver specialists) includes small and medium units. Finally their magic users (magic specialists) only include small units. Additionally each Eldarim unit has only one color, hence they only have access to two schools of magic. That being said they also have some of the most stable contribution chances in the game, being second only to items. They have an ID icon, 3 faces of their specialization, a melee face and a save face. Needless to say they work well spreading their draconic gospel to other species in hopes of converting them.


Resist Fear:

Dragonkin units up to the total health of Eldarim in their army ignore any restrictions that prevent them from rolling during a dragon attack. This works well with their next passive but what it means is that if your Air (blue) based army is facing down an elemental dragon of the same element (color) then dragonkin of the same element (color) may roll and can contribute saves and melee damageDragonkin Handlers: Immediately before taking your first march, after dragon attacks have been resolved, select an army that contains at least one Eldarim unit at a terrain. Recruit a small (1 health) Dragonkin unit to, or promote one Dragonkin unit in, the army. Recruited or promoted units must match a color of the terrain. This ability may only be used if the total health-worth of Dragonkin after the exchange is not greater than the total health-worth of Eldarim in that army.

Simply put this means that you will be recruiting or promoting up to the total health of your army in dragonkin, if you have the units in your summoning pool each turn. This could be used in a lot of ways. We’ll discuss that in strategies.


All Eldarim spells are universal (ivory) spells. They are quite powerful as they both promote units of color of the spell used. The first one is:

Evolve Dragonkin/Eldarim/3 Target one of your Dragonkin units that matches the color of magic used to cast this spell. The target is promoted one (stacking) healthworth. This spell can rapidly bring a single health Dragonkin to that of a champion of 4 health. That leaves your previous Dragonkin back in the summoning pool to be sommoned again!The other special spell is:

Rise of the Eldarim/Eldarim/5: Target any Eldarim unit that matches the color of magic used to cast this spell. The target is promoted one(stacking) health-worth.

This spell can really help you cycle out your Eldarim ranks. This spell works well when you have an attune result from a magicrown and a double magic face. Be sure you don’t upgrade your mage to something that will bury your magicrown.STRATEGIES!

I like to use Eldarim when I have a strategy that revolves around Dragonkin. They ease the mana cost of my dragonken so I can focus my magic on other things. By summoning one dragonkin then using ‘Evolve Dragonkin’ my units are constantly swapping out and providing more saves, only to be summoned again next turn.

Eldarim are best used much like equipment and artifacts. They sure out your army weakness and also provide a wild card face with their ID icon. I would only suggest the maximum amount of Dragonkin for the given game size you play. For a 36 point game being 12 points of Eldarim to maximize your summoning. As for Dragonkin you could bring 1 of each rarity and another 2 health Dragonkin.

Eldarim are best used as a supplement to your army’s. Their versatility through their special abilities and spells acn help pave the way to victory for like affinity forces as they lend mighty Dragonkin to your cause. Thanks for looking at these amazing zealots….er…um devotees of the very dragons themselves! This is Kaelrich and, as always, KEEP ROLLING TO VICTORY!