So You’re a First Time Force General? Getting into a game can be difficult if not overwhelming, especially wargaming! Dragon Dice can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. So let’s take a look at what you need to get started in this amazing hobby! The big HINT is lots of dice.

The first thing I suggest you do is create an account at This is THE official site for Dragon Dice and you can get a 2 player create your own starter kit, featuring 30 health-worth of 2 species of your choice, a random 8th face location of Swampland, Coastland, Highland, and Flatland. Finally 4 dragon that match the color of your chosen 2 species. That is everything you ‘need’ to play. The set is priced on the website is just over 60 USD. Don’t forget to download the rules from the downloads section as they are a free PDF.

Now that you have your dice you are ready to throw down in the world of Es…wait this is complicated as all get out! Not to worry dear General in Training we will uncomplicate it! The first game you play should be a color blind playthrough. Don’t look at the colors unless you are casting magic. Don’t look at the terrain colors period. You won’t be using special abilities based on the colors of the dice for this game. Just focus on the glorious gospel of page number 28 of the rule book, follow the steps (remember: SAI stands for special action icon) for the order of Dragon Dice operations, and you’ll be capturing terrain in no time!

After the first few games you should have a thirst for more dice. I suggest a basic terrain pack (more terrains as well as terrains to match Firewalkers and Scalders), a minor terrain pack or two, and a pack of the battle chest expansion for some useful equipment to remedy army deficiencies. Begin playing with special abilities at first, then add in the minor terrains and equipment until you are using the full rules set. Indeed some species Must utilize the full rules such as Firewalkers, Scalders, and Amazons to name a few. Worry not though! With minor terrains and basic terrain packs you can fully utilize any species in the game!

Dragonkin and the Acolytes of The Eldarim expansions add new options to your armies! The Acolytes will act as living equipment but do focus upon the recruitment of Dragonkin to be an effective boon to your army. In my opinion this should be the last step in your Dragon Dice learning adventure. Don’t worry though there is always something else to learn!

I’ve heard rumors that the Dracolem, golem-like Dragonkin pieced together by gnomes are mustering! Not much is known about this strange new species, but they will be here soon. Keep a weather eye General!

You’d like some helpful hints? Ok! Remember that terrain is the main objective of the game, their effects from their 8th face (if captured) always go in the first step of a round. Dragons come next (as the games namesake they should) raining death and destruction to any army at the terrain they’ve been summoned to. Third, your army need not march during their activation. If you like your positioning feel free to take that action. My final tip for you is that you will lose most of your starting games against other players. As you gain wisdom and learn the rules better you will acquire the tools to start ROLLING TO VICTORY!