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Coral Elf Test Armies

Coral Elf Test Army #1

A 36-health Army of Missiles and Magic


Heavy Melee


Light Melee

  • Guard x 2
  • Courier x 1


  • Horseman x 2
  • Knight x 1
  • Eagle Knight x 1


  • Bowman x 3
  • Archer x 1
  • Sharpshooter x 1


  • Evoker x 2
  • Conjurer x 1
  • Enchanter x 1


  • Gryphon x 2


  • Home – Coastland Tower
  • Frontier – Coastland Castle

Minor Terrains

  • Swampland Knoll
  • Wasteland Knoll
  • Feyland Knoll
  • Coastland Bridge


  • Blue / Green Hybrid Drake x 1
  • Blue / Green Hybrid Wyrm x 1

Battle Plan

Initial Deployment

  • Home – Missile units plus Gryphon
  • Campaign – Magic units plus Gryphon
  • Horde – Cavalry and Light Melee units

General Objectives

The tactic of this army is to try to get and keep the Home terrain on a missile face as soon as possible and for as long as possible whilst frustrating the opponent at his home terrain by keeping control of the it using cavalry and light missile units. It is essential, however, that the terrain contain the water element (green), and the use of minor terrains to ensure that this happens is imperative.

As Watery Double, Wind Walk and Resurrect Dead can all be cast from reserves, is it therefore quite safe (unless facing Swamp Stalkers) and useful to use some or all magic casting units in the reserves as a way of protecting, fortifying and replenishing the horde army.

The Gryphons should be used to confuse the opposition as much as possible by ferrying units to help out at other terrains and then returning to their stations. The Gryphons should primarily be used to keep the frontier away from a missile face so that the horde army cannot be picked of by enemy artillery fire.

Owing to the Elves’ lack of saves, they should try to avoid melee combat at all costs, especially when they are facing a monster or any 3 health unit with Smite or Counter ability. It is also important to deliberately avoid killing opposition units of the death races (Goblins, Swamp Stalkers, Lava Elves, Frostwings and Undead), as the more units that they have in their DUA, the more power they have. If, for example, Swamp Stalkers have no dead units, they can only touch your reserve army with the help of deadlands minor terrains, and they can only have 3 of those in use at any given time.

Concentrate on getting the Home terrain to its 8th face, then use the artillery to pick off the opposition at any terrain, including reserves. Once the Home terrain is captured, the size of the horde army can be reduced and redeployed, as the magic units can move to the tower and, with effective use of Flash Floods to keep the opposition home army from reaching its 8th face, or taking it down to its 7th face if it manages to capture it, the cavalry can move to a terrain with little opposition and work to move it to its 8th face to win the battle.

This Army in Use

Coral Elves v Frostwings

Firewalkers v Coral Elves

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