The rule of 2? Looking at going to a Demo day I’m thinking about various dice to use and of course I have to go with my batcats as one potential army. That said, my frostings revisited army is a bit technical and, for some, obsolete. So let’s take a look at another building an army, it really doesn’t matter the species. Let us implement a ‘Rule of 2.’

The Rule of 2 says that we will make a force containing 2 of each size unit, save monsters, equipment, and Eldarim. We’ll get to those later. For now let’s take a look at how to make a more streamlined approach to my favored species.

Magic: Frostwings LOVE magic now. From Wind Walk to Lightning Bolt. From Palsy to soiled ground they love to cast hindering and helpful magics. Two magi, thanks to the new pack rates, 2 magus, and 2 apprentice will usually average 8 magic results. Which will get you either a non-white dragon or really anything less (which is everything else). Begin the game by hitting the opposing magic army with a few hits of magic drain, then swing for the fences with your melee/missile army!

Next let’s look at the second core of your army, melee or missile. Simply have to decide which type of missile units you want. Heavy or light? The light missile will have more consistent missile results while the heavy will have harder hitting faces at the expense of better save chances.

Missile combat moves for the frostwings as I see it here: 2 assailer, 2 dispatcher, and 2 destroyers. Each of these units has 3 faces (50% contribution) chance to save. While the assailer has a 65% chance to contribute to a missile action. The army is fast, as fly can bypass subtraction effects. The army can lay out some serious vollies given the unit choices, and also they are durable with heightened save chances from being mostly Heavy Missile and having volley. Volley in particular can be devastating as there is no saving against the damage except for magical saves.

Melee combat using The rule of 2 will also focus on a ‘hybrid army’s concept using both Cavalry, the newly available Bear Master, as well as the smaller more maneuverable melee units the advocate and defender. Again a fast army with good melee contribution chances. This army can be a blender in melee combat as well as take control of a terrain if left uncontested. If contested then there is not much this army can’t close with, then subsequently, mulch.

When playing a 36 point game you have 12 points remaining. That can be another army, or you could use equip (preferable 2 sets) or Eldarim to flesh out weaknesses in each army, usually saves. Or you could add a true massive third army that your opponent won’t see coming! Remember that The Rule of 2 can apply to all Species! The key is to find what works well together and make the army from there.

Let’s look at another species that could benefit from The Rule of 2. Dwarves are real workhorses when it comes to maneuver and counter attacks. They as well can be used with this same strategy. Don’t underestimate the accuracy of 12 points of dwarves missile, their melee armies are as well fast and deadly. Use 2 mammoth riders, 2 footmen, and 2 patrollers for devastating melee and movement in Yellow (Earth) terrain. Dwarven magic can be as brutal as it is stifling. You have enough magic on a given roll to cast any spell you need. Remember that dwarves also thrive on receiving charges while in red terrain, every dwarf has a 50% contribution chance to a counter attack roll. Use it to your advantage when you are fighting for that 8th face!

I hope you have found this article to be both entertaining and thought provoking. Please be safe and KEEP ROLLING TO VICTORY!