Let me be clear. I’ve heard only rumors of these fabled relics. A stone, an axe, and 3 medallions made of star metal, or Eldrymetalum.

The first I speak of has no name but is a stone of elemental power so great that I can influence the luck of those of it’s shining element past even their own considerable skill. It has the power to draw more species of that shining element to the army, or even resurrect fallen units of the shining element. It can do all these things and woe to an army facing a force of multiple species with all the elements represented! Such a sight has not been seen on Esfah for quite some time indeed!

The next Eldrymetalum relic is that of the legendary axe, Earthfang. It almost has a sentience to it. It darts to intercept blows then counter strike, leads its wielder to locations where it can strike on its own behalf, renders even the toughest non-magical armor useless, and can summon a “Chill Wind” to freeze most does in its tracks.

Finally it has the ability to move of its own volition, saving its wielder from danger by lifting them to the sky only to dive again back into the frey.

The final set of Eldrymetalum items are the alloy medallions. Each with the ability to grant it’s wielder quick travel for its bearer to the reserve army (wayfare), a sixth sense, as it were, of danger and especially from dragons in the form of flurry and sortie, both providing melee results when in melee combat while also providing saves on the defensive.

Each medallion’s magical (logo) powers are quite different however. The bronze medallion will provide magic of any color when the army bearing the equipment is focusing upon casting magic, when not maneuvering and not casting magic however it allows for a quick cast of a cantrip (4 results), the cantrips may be of any color, save for species specific cantrips. The Silver medallion will return lost equipment, dragonkin to the Force General’s Summoning Pool or promote a summoned dragonkin one step. Golden medallions offer the power of resurrection! When this power is activated up to four health-worth of units may be brought back from the DUA to the army carrying this medallion. This is much more efficient than using almost full magic action’s results to bolster an army!

From the game’s perspective I see the medallions as limited protection and some neat tricks. Being able to cast near any camtrip from a bronze medallion on any non-maneuver, non-magic roll is nifty. The Silver medallion is great if you use equipment and take a bad hit, losing most of your equipment and artifacts in the process. Gold can be very useful as most players won’t use items and, again, to resurrect 4 health-worth of units is 12 magic. Sortie is great at any distance granting saves (on a save roll) melee (when rolling for melee), or saves and melee (vs dragons). Wayfare can whisk away one of your precious units before taking a nasty hit or get you the four maneuver results you need to power through to the next increment to an eighth face, or hold that 8th face. Flurry is the most limited on the medallions as it is restricted to melee combat only. It does grant saves vs melee, melee during a melee action, but it only gives saves or melee when fighting dragons. That said, when you want an army of warrior battle mages willing to magic up or put the hammer down these four point equipment will seldom be a disappointment.

Remember that all relics count as 2 pieces of equipment when determining if an army may carry them.


Earthfang will turn even the most lowly of units into a threat on the battlefield. Bash, flight, logo and counter provide a 65% contribution chance to your save rolls, sneak attack, logo, and counter provide a 50% contribution to melee rolls. This is on top of what a unit or army can already generate. It’s a solid upgrade to your force and will serve well any unit that wields it.The

Elemental Relic:

If you thought Earthfang powerful then the elemental Relic will seem broken in comparison. For 4 points you get a 50% chance to either reroll up to 4 health-worth of units, recruit single health units with a matching element, or promote up to r health-worth of units. You can do this 1 point at a time! Just remember that it all happens at once. The board state never changes between each point spent when you roll the relic. So no promoting a single health unit then recruiting that unit back to the army on the same roll.

I hope you have found my tale to be informative, General. For now I have some ‘friends’ to entertain. Do be safe, sage, and, for the love of Esfah, KEEP ROLLING TO VICTORY!