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Lava Elf Test Armies

Lava Elf Test Army #1

A big Thank You goes to Patrick Kurrat for supplying me this army. Unfortunately, I do not yet have all the troops mentioned, so the photo is a temporary fixture until either I get what is missing, or some kind soul supplies me with their photos.

Lava Elf Test Army #1


Heavy Melee

  • Duelist x2

Light Melee





  • Assassin x 2
  • Dead-Shot x 2
  • Fusilier x 5


  • Adept x 9


  • Lurker of the Deep x 2


  • Home – Highland Tower
  • Frontier – Highland Temple

Minor Terrains

  • Deadland Knoll x 2
  • Wasteland Knoll
  • Highland Knoll


  • Red Drake x 2


  • Dragonmount x2
  • Dragonsteed x2
  • Dragonfall x2

Battle Plan

Initial Deployment

  • Home – missile plus heavy melee (18 points)
  • Campaign – Magic units plus Lurkers (17 points)
  • Horde – One fusilier

General Objective

The Lurkers are versatile enough that, once you pumped up your adepts with 3-6 points of Dragonkin, you can send them to help out your missile forces. From this point forward, necromantic wave is another good choice to cast in your missile troops.

Fearful Flames and finger of death help to decimate your opponents most imminent threats to you.
Also, never forget dancing lights and a well cast palsy 🙂

If enough units are buried, you can go for your second 8th face, or finish wiping up the floor with your opponent. Whichever one is more convenient 🙂

The minors should be used to either get the most use out of Cursed Bullets (Deadlands) or Volcanic Adaption (the other two).

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