The stadium as the teams enter.

Roll for initiative.

Riders – you to choose.

Riders: Let’s choose the Feyland Grove as frontier. So Animals will go first.

Terrain roll.

Riders: Ooh nice!

Round 1

The Animals

Animals first march then.

Animals: Let’s open by recruiting a yellow dragonfoal to the home army at the Highland City.

Recruited Dragonfoal

Animals: Attempt to manoeuvre at the Highland City.

Riders: Oppose.

Riders: Yup!

Unsuccessful then.

Animals: Missile attempt at the frontier army, please.

I make that 1.

Animals: So you’re saying there’s a chance!

Riders: A relatively decent chance!

Not any more!

Riders: Ay! They did it. Poor soldier

First blood.

Animals: Second March: manoeuvre attempt at the coastland tower.

Riders: Oppose.

Animals: Agreed.

Riders: Yup. Shoot.

6 melee or 4 missile?

Animals: Up to six, and decidedly away from any ‘shoot’ activities.

Animals: Melee action.

Possibly wise!! Roll for melee.

I see Double Strike, Rend and 3 melee.

Riders: Uh oh!

Animals: Four attackers.

Attackers roll for saves.

Riders: This is gonna hurt a bit.


Animals: Holy smokes. Trust statistics, they said.

Riders: Oh wow.  There was a  1.1% chance of that happening.

Animals: 1/3 is smaller than 1/2, they said.


3 more melee.

Do we agree 9 melee total?

Animals: Yessir.

Save roll.

I count 15 saves.

Riders: I don’t know what is up with all these saves. I count 16.

Animals: No problem at all, that’s why you picked the heavies.

16. I forgot to count the real save!!!

Riders: Counterattack.

Roll for counterattack.

I count only 3 melee.

Riders: No one said we were good at it!

Rolling for saves.

A slight overkill. I make it 15.

Riders: This may be a draw :slightly_smiling_face:

Animals: Haha. Retreat the non-dragonkin units from the highland. End turn one.

Riders from Northrend

Riders: First march at highland. Up to 5 and missile the lone feral at the frontier.

Up to 5 and missile roll.

A surprisingly good 3?

Riders: Who gave the undead a bow?!?!

Riders: Okay. Second march at my home. Bring in knoll minor.

Rolling Deadland knoll.

Knoll rolls missile.

Riders: Score. Lets missile his army at my home.

Rolling for missiles.

I make it 11.

Riders: Yup.

Save roll.

14 saves.

Riders: Okay. Retreat a singular hound master who carries the blue boot from the horde army. Then end turn.

This, you mean?

Riders: Yes.

Rounds 2 and 3 to follow soon…….