As regular readers may have noticed, there have not been the usual frequency of posts appearing in The Chronicles recently. This is not, however, because interest in the project has been waning, in fact, quite the reverse; most of the team that bring you this magazine have been working on things “behind the scenes” to make our game that little bit more enjoyable.

We have coming up in the next few days, new on-line utilities, new cards to download and, hopefully, a glimpse into a major multi-media project that we are working on.

Today, I am here to announce an update to something that we all know exists, but rarely use due to the fact that it was pertinent to the V3 rules, and we are all playing V4 rules.

I refer, of course, to the official SFR Dice Browser!

This wonderful utility is now repaired, updated and ready to use.

What’s New

The main thing that has happened to this utility is that the statistics have been corrected and brought in line with the Version 4 rules. This includes the magic data, where IDs no longer count double, and any SAIs that allow for re-rolls have also been taken into consideration. The Dragonkin also are now unable to use missile and magic actions.

The second thing that has happened is that missing dice have been added, such as Deadlands minor terrains and the Amazon monster ‘Nightmare’, which has been the subject of much discussion recently.

The third, and most important thing for me, is that it has been fully documented and put on the Dragon Dice Wiki. This means that I do not have any need to explain any more about how to use it in this post. The documentation can be found by clicking this link:-

Dragon Dice Browser Documentation


  • The Browser allows you to see all faces of:-
  1. All 12 Standard Races, including all monsters.
  2. Eldarim and Champions
  3. Dragonkin and Champions
  4. Dragons – Elemental, Ivory, Hybrids, Ivory Hybrids and White
  5. Major Terrains
  6. Minor Terrains
  7. Special Terrains
  8. Items and Artifacts
  • Statistics of each of the above dice are given, including:
  1. Chance of success with each action (useful for individual rolls)
  2. Expected result for each action (a measure of ‘power’ in that action)
  3. Standard Deviation for each action (a measure of how variable the results will be)
  4. Graphical representation of all the above

Screen Shots

Click on image to open gallery.

The Dice Browser can be found by clicking this link:-

SFR Official Dragon Dice Browser

Have fun using it and please show your appreciation to Cliff Wiggs and @dolus-deceit for their hard work on this project.

More exciting news to follow very soon.