This is the first of my Intermediate level games that I will be posting at regular intervals on this blog. Unlike the ‘Beginner’ levels, I have decided to produce these in parts, owing to the sheer amount of information that they will contain, and also the technical difficulties of wielding such large stories on a monitor. Please leave comments, either positive or negative about this policy.

As these are designed for more seasoned players, I have not added as many links back to the common spells and SAIs to save time. If you would like these included because they were found to be useful, again, please let me know.

The aim is to produce long battles in bite-sized pieces so that as many new ideas can be absorbed as rapidly as possible.

Spells used in this part

SAIs used in this part

Initial set up for 36 health with 12 health of dragonkin.

Roll for manoeuvre.

8 points for Undead, 7 to Firewalkers. Undead go first, firewalkers choose wasteland grove.

Undead home start position.

Firewalkers home at the start.

The starting frontier.

Round 1

The undead army manoeuvre successfully by 4 results to 0 due to the nimbleness of the Carrion Crawler.

6 magic results are generated.

They are enough to add 6 to the horde’s next manoeuvre result using two Restless Dead spells.

Undead produce 3 manoeuvres from the Ghost’s ID, 4 from the fly, 4 from the trample and 6 from the two Restless Dead spells. A total of 17 manoeuvres.

Firewalkers get 3 from the Sentinel’s ID, 4 from normal manoeuvres and 4 from the Create Fireminions SAI, giving a total of 11.

The undead push forward and the terrain moves to face 7.

They try to attack, but only manage manoeuvres and a Cantrip.

This is enough to produce 2 Palsy spells on the firewalkers’ home army by way of defence against melee attack.

The frontier army withdraw to reserves, surprised at their early successes.

The firewalker horde army see a bridge on a piece of flatland and, instead of approaching the standing stones on the swampland, they divert their attentions to the more firewalker-friendly landscape.

Any ID results that they produce on this terrain for manoeuvres will, for now, be doubled. That should assist against the undead home army on their own 6th terrain face.

Their melee attack produces a Smite and a Cantrip.

This Smite delivers 4 health of indefensible damage and the Fenhound is defeated.

And the home army get assistance from the Cantrip by virtue of a Flashfire spell.

The Undead have no melee results to defend and therefore make a counter attack.

They produce 6 regular melee results and 3 Wither results, reducing all results by 3 until the start of the Undead’s next turn.

The firewalkers try to defend.

They generate a single save, which is reduced to zero by the wither. 6 health of units are no more.

They become the first Firewalker casualties of this battle.

The home army try to manoeuvre before the undead reinforcements arrive and produce 8 results against the undead total of 10 (thanks to 6 generated by the Restless Dead spell). The Undead stand their ground.

Having seen the result of the horde army attack, the home army are reluctant, but go to battle nonetheless.

They produce a Smite and a Cantrip, but the Flashfire spell on the army allows a re-roll. They forego the Cantrip as the Fireshadow recomposes himself and takes another swing.

The Counter produces a further 4 melee results.

The Smite takes out the Skeletal Steed with no chance to save itself.

The two remaining Undead have 7 generated melee hits minus 2 from the 2 Palsy spells, leaving them to defend against 5 health of damage.

No saves are generated and, as 5 damage cannot be taken by a 3 health unit and a 4 health unit fully, then only the Dracolich is lost. The Ghost recovers and remains.

As all units in their DUA are 4 health units, the Undead are unable to make use of their Stepped Damage racial ability, having no units of lower health to replace them.

The firewalkers use their Air Flight racial ability to move between terrains containing the air (blue) element. The Ashbringer goes to the frontier with magical support, the Gorgon and the Nightsbane go to help out at the home front.

Simultaneously, the Sunbursts at the home terrain get the call to assist at the frontier.

The Flatland bridge has now outlived its usefulness and is removed from the battlefield.

Link to Round 2 of this battle