For anyone who may have happened to stumble upon this site looking for the latest TV reality show Drag on Ice, then we have something here that is far more entertaining than cross-dressers slalom skiing; namely the 20 year old (and still going) game of luck and tactics in the fantasy world of Esfah, known as Dragon Dice.

By way of introduction to this world, I have borrowed a short video from a friend of mine to tell you what it is all about:-

If you feel that this game might be for you, please subscribe to us and learn the new rules (introduced at the end of 2018) which bring to life the 13 races of Esfah, its Dragons and their kin.

More posts will be added on a very regular basis, where you can learn to play the game and discuss tactics with other like-minded souls around the planet (the game is played globally, but is currently concentrated around North America, Europe and Oceania.