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Lava Elf Test Armies

Lava Elf Test Army #2

A 36-Health Army of Bullets, Magic and Magic Bullets


Heavy Melee


Light Melee

  • Spy x 1


  • Wyvern Rider x 1
  • Scorpion Knight x 1
  • Spider Rider x 2


  • Assassin x 1
  • Dead-Shot x 1
  • Fusilier x 3


  • Adept x 4
  • Warlock x 2
  • Necromancer x 1


  • Rakshasa x 1
  • Hell Hound x 1


  • Home – Feyland Tower
  • Frontier – Feyland Vortex

Minor Terrains

  • Deadland Knoll
  • Deadland Bridge
  • Feyland Knoll
  • Highland Wood


  • Red / Black Drake
  • Red / Black Wyrm

Battle Plan

Initial Deployment

  • Home – Assassin, Deadshot, Warlock, Adept x 4
  • Campaign – Rakshasa, Necromancer, Warlock, Fusilier x 3
  • Horde – Hell Hound, Wyvern Rider, Spy, Scorpion Knight, Spider Rider x 2

General Objective

The purpose of this army is to use the Magic and Missile attacks together by splitting the units between the home and campaign armies on the theory that one terrain will be on a magic face and the other on a missile face. If this is not the case, then the use of minor terrains and the reserve can be used to rectify the problem.

The horde contains fast movers, which are to be used initially to get the first move and then to help manoeuvre the terrains to give one on magic and one on missile.

Once this is achieved, the Necromantic Wave and Fiery Weapon spells, along with Cursed Bullets, should be used in tandem by trying to ensure that the enemy is always at the terrain with missile distance. It is very important to note that both of these spells can be cast from reserves and, if a terrain with a magic face is not available, or too dangerous, it is worth considering using the Adepts as an almost ‘permanent’ reserve army (obviously not a good idea against Swamp Stalkers, though).

The Dancing Lights spell should be used on races such as Dwarves and Goblins that use melee as manoeuvres, to slow them down.

This army should concentrate on the elimination of opponents, rather than making any attempt to control 8th faces.

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