Although I have both Scalders and Swamp Stalkers in my collection, I have relatively few of them and, until the re-release happens, it is likely to stay that way.

For this reason I have shied away from trying them out using the new V4 rules, at least, to any serious extent. That is, until now.

I have decided to give them a bit of a test run against another race that I am still very much learning, the Undead.

I have restricted the size of armies to 24 health, and I am not allowing Monsters, as I have enough on just trying to work successfully to the unfamiliar racial abilities.

Here therefore, is the line-up for tonight.

In the Red and Green corner.

In the Green and Black corner:

In the Black Corner we have my Undead Test Army #1.

The home terrains are established.

Roll horde armies for order of play.

Undead 7 – Scalders 5 – Swamp Stalkers 0

Undead go first, Scalders choose Frontier.

One of the two feyland castles is picked.

The undead horde army challenged the Scalders.

The Scalders reciprocate the arrangement.

The Swamp Stalkers go to the undead home terrain.

The final set up looks like this.

Undead home terrain.

Scalders home.

Swamp Stalkers home

The frontier.

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