Puzzler’s Corner #3

These puzzles seem to be quite popular and are certainly making a lot of Dragon Dice players examine their rules again.

Thanks to a comment made by Jeff tonight on Facebook, I thought that this might be used to reinforce one of the lesser known (or lesser remembered), but important rules.

I recommend that you all re-read the ‘Counts As’ Results section before you submit your answers.

Today, I just want to know how many saves this roll has generated.

Please post your answers as comments here, as it helps others to better understand the game and the scoring process.

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  1. Nathan Miller says:

    No forced reroll effects or SAIs that do something besides generate normal results, so I’ll skip to the initial subtotal.

    8 saves (I think that’s a Dragonmount, not sure, the other one is a common I think) and 4 lava elf maneuvers, since Volcanic Adaptation activates at a fire terrain.

    Deluge subtracts 3 maneuvers, leaving 1.

    Lost halves saves, so 8/2 = 4. Technically, this leaves only the save results from IDs.

    We now add SAIs that generate normal results: 4 from Counter, and 2 from Fly. New subtotal is 10 saves, 1 lava elf maneuver.

    Final step is add, including count as effects. 1 lava elf maneuver counts as a save, and the two dragonkin add 3 from automatic saves (because no belly rolls). Final total is 14. Wind Walk adds 4 maneuvers, but does not count as saves because it’s a spell effect, not a rolled result.

    1. thesteveallen says:

      I have spent the evening doing a ‘pretty’ version of the no. 2 puzzle, and have totally forgotten what I got for this one!
      I will have to work it out again tomorrow!!

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