I have not, contrary to popular rumour, lost interest in promoting the game of Dragon Dice by way of this Blog. On the contrary, I have been working on a few new ideas along with my friends Jeff and Travis to try and get more people playing the game on a regular basis.

One idea that I would like to try out is a League, very much along the lines of any popular team sport, where the players are the team ‘coaches’ or ‘managers’ and have to work with a ‘squad’ of ‘players’ in a championship where every team plays each other.

Over the last two weeks, I have been putting together squads along the following rules.

  • Each team consists of a single race,
  • A team is randomly produced using the utility on the SFR website using exactly 3 kickers, giving a 45 health point squad for everyone,
  • Dragons and terrains can be chosen for each battle,
  • Players select 36 health teams to play against a known opponent (although the exact configuration is revealed at the start of the battle as normal),
  • No Minor terrains, Items, Dragonkin nor Eldarim are allowed, but Advanced Terrains are permitted.

By way of testing out my idea, I produced a league consisting of 3 teams; Coral Elves, Firewalkers and Goblins, where I played each against the other two and a single 3 way battle. The results were:-

  • Goblins 2 – Coral Elves 0
  • Firewalkers 2 – Goblins 0
  • Coral Elves 2 – Firewalkers 1
  • Firewalkers 2 – Goblins 1 – Coral Elves 0
Coral Elves22

Each ‘Team’ won 2 points for a 2 team battle and 3 points for winning the 3 team battle. The table positions are sorted on Points first and then, in the event of a tie, on terrains won.

How the league will work

The idea is that the league will be run initially with myself as the referee and the die roller, and the players will send their instructions using the Slack channel that I have set up. This way, we have no worry about time zones, as the games can take place at any time the referee is available.

I am looking for volunteers that would like to give this a try. I believe that Jeff is going to play the Firewalkers if we go ahead, and I am looking for 2 or 3 more potential testers.

I will publish more details and rules if I get any interest in this idea over the next week. Please let me know any questions via the Facebook DD group.