This is a record of our first attempt at playing Dragon Dice Internationally. I will be updating this post as the battle progresses. I will not be giving any commentary with regard to tactics as this stage, as we are trying to make this battle as ‘live’ as possible, despite being played over an extended period of time.

The Set Up

Firstly, the Undead army.

Next the Coral Elves

Lastly, the Goblins.

The Horde Armies are rolled to determine the starting Army.

The Goblin army win with 6 results, but the other two armies tie with 4 each.

The re-roll gives a 4 – 3 win to the Undead.

The Terrain choice for the Frontier is between a Swampland City, a Swampland Dragon’s Lair and a Coastland City.

The Goblins elect to go first and the Undead choose the Swampland Dragon’s Lair as the Frontier terrain.

All terrains are rolled with the following results.

Frontier on face 1 – magic action
Goblin home on face 3 – missile
Undead home on Face 4 – missile
Coral Elf home on face 6 – melee