The concept of this site was brought about with my friend, a fellow Carcassonne player and administrator of Carcassonne Central, buying a BattleBox with a lot of extras on eBay. I decided to help him out by producing a talk-through game on our Carcassonne Central Slack Channel. We collectively thought to expand the idea by producing a blog to be a teaching and reference source to players of the game.

This morning, his box arrived and the contents have been photographed and appear below.

Plenty of Coral Elves to produce a good army. Pity that not even one archer is included, but there are 10 bowmen to make up for it, in a way, and a couple of Sharpshooters.

It is a pity that my demo game focused on Dwarves, as there are not enough here to make an army, especially as it is lacking 3 health units.

22 health of Lava Elves. This might be some kind of starter for a goblin/lava mixed force?

Given that he is new to the game and has a fairly random selection of dice, I would like suggestions from readers for the components of his first game, using the dice shown in the photos above. Please leave comments here or on FaceBook.