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Intoductory Game #2 – Part 1

Round 4

The Coral Elves on the coast find themselves in a position to take control of their home territory at last, by moving the terrain to its eighth face – the tower.

From the high tower, they can reach the dwarf army in the highlands, and they have the added eighth face advantage of doubling their ID results. They generate a total of 11 missile results, five (doubled) from the IDs, and 1 normal missile result.

The dwarves were not fully prepared for such a brutal missile volley, and only manage to soak up 5 results with their saves. This leaves them to take 6 damage against their army.

….and four more dwarf units become casualties of the battle.

Seeing so few units left standing, the elves at the frontier wasteland decide to stay where they are and try to finish the job with missile fire, foregoing their chance to manoeuvre.

With no eighth face assistance they still manage to produce 9 missile results……

…..completely wiping out the Dwarf highland army, who offer no resistance.

With their job done for the day, they retire to the reserves……

…and are joined at the end of the day by a conjurer from the coastal tower.

The Dwarves are in big trouble and need to figure out a way of making the most of their abilities. Their archers are dead and they are at a terrain that does not contain the earth element. They have to change their script or get eliminated. The fiery weapon spell expires and it is time to produce more magic.

The reserve army generates 5 red and/or yellow reserve magic.

An ash storm to try to reduce damage from the archers in the tower, and a resurrect dead to bring back a Theurgist.

The army at the wasteland realize that they are going to find it hard to break down the Elves at the tower, and pull back to allow them to try another tactic.

A big change in fortune brings about 8 magic results. It would normally be an idea to call in a dragon but, the elves in the tower are looking very strong and well settled. The dwarves go defensive again.

Two stacked resurrect dead spells brings back a Marksman and the ash storm over the coast is given a boost.

The mages in the reserve army are redeployed back at their home terrain.

While the campaign army at the wasteland frontier pull away to a safer distance from the elves in the tower, as the ID results that they generate are ignored if they attack with missiles to the reserves.

Round 5

The reserve army try a bit of magic, with an inordinate amount of success. They now need to find a way of using it as they are limited to only three possibilities from reserves: wind walk, watery double and resurrect dead.

With no units to resurrect, and only a single army currently at a terrain, the options are limited and the elves go defensive.

Despite the fact that ID results do not count from a tower into a reserve army, the elves produce 8 missile results which, taking into account the two ash storms that are currently at the terrain, result in a total of 6 missiles aimed at the Dwarf reservists.

Bad form returns to the Dwarves and they only manage to save against 2 of the hits, leaving them to take 4 units of damage.

Three more casualties go to the grave.

The reserve army split up with the two archers going to the tower, and the rest returning to the unoccupied wasteland.

As the ash storm dissipates, the dwarf reservists are unable to conjure up anything to replace it.

But suddenly a lifeline appears from nowhere for the dwarves in the mountains.

The wasteland elves have an unwanted visitor to sort out now.

The remaining Dwarf reserve take up ring side seats in the mountains overlooking the wasteland, hoping that the red dragon can level the playing field a little.

Round 6

As the magic at the coastland disperses, attention turns to the red dragon in the wastelands.

A lashing tail from the wyrm generates 3 melee results and another attack from the dragon…..

and a bite from the monster’s jaws generates a further 12 damage, making a total of 15 saves required from the elves.

With only 8 save results, 2 missiles and a single melee attack, the coral elves taste defeat for the first time in this battle. 7 health of units are killed.

They might be able to get these back soon if they feel the need.

….and on the first march, the elves stay back and use resurrect dead twice to bring back the two Evokers, knowing that magic can be used in the reserves.

Unaided this time, other than the 8th face ability of doubling ID results, the Corals dispatch an enormous 16 missile results over to the highland Dwarves.

Making only 2 saves, 14 health of dwarves are dispatched to the graveyard, leaving just two dwarf units waving a big white flag.

The Dwarves have been routed!!!!

Although I started this demonstration battle with the aim of showing the Dwarven Might special ability in use, I have not been able to gear the game in such a direction. This is on my list of things to try in the next battle.

Please leave a comment if you have enjoyed this battle, as it will give me and others encouragement to produce more and continue to assist newcomers to the world of Dragon Dice.