Round 3


Stone skin has expired.

Esfits: Bring in a dragonkin please.

No more racials available.

1st March.

Esfits: March one, roll the minor please.

No manoeuvre? Just roll the minor?

Esfits: I thought I decide whether I want to manoeuvre after seeing the minor?

I didn’t know that.

Monsters: Yup.

Ok. That is a new one for me to digest.

Esfits: I will take magic, and attempt to manoeuvre the terrain.

Monsters oppose?

Monsters: Yes.

Rolling for manoeuvres.

Monsters: Yes. Boo…

Esfits: Looks right to me, down please, and roll for magic.

Down to 5 melee and rolling for magic.

Oh boy!!

Monsters: There’s a shadow. Is that a TSR logo?

Esfits: 5 Treefolk, 5 swampstalker, 4 any (logo).

Yep. Not as complicated as I first thought.

The 4 (any) includes Dwarf and Eldarim racial spells.

Esfits: I’m going to take it all as green and send both wyrms to the Firewalkers home.

You like to make things easy for me!!

Monsters: Boo…That’s what I get for thinking “even if he rolls magic no way he can hurt me“.

Esfits: Let’s see if I can get some items out of the way :grin:

Monsters: 🙁

Esfits: And I will end my turn.

Give me a couple of hours to turn up IDs!

Esfits: I wouldn’t complain if you rolled both dragons “IDs”!

Flashfire expires.

Dragons away!! Sorry for the delay. Just ordered a :hotdog:.

It’s bad news and good news!

Esfits: I’ll take it.

Monsters: Which is first? I don’t remember.

Breath is first. Just checking…

Esfits: Just checked myself, breath, then treasure.

Breath is step 4. Treasure step 5.

Monsters: The common Firewalker lives. No promote options.

Missile is halved.

Rolling for defence.

I thought that the Dragonstaff had a Cantrip?

Monsters: Nope. Summon dragon.

Monsters: Racial: summon red foal to frontier.

Monsters: First march magic at home.

Rolling for magic….

Monsters: Summon one of my dragons to frontier.

Esfits: And re-roll the staff afterwards.

Monsters: If it comes up again, I’ll summon the second one as well.


4 more magic, so 7 total. Still want the other dragon?

Monsters: 2 flashfire on my campaign army.

Monsters: Second March manoeuvre the frontier.

Esfits: Oppose please.

Rolling for manoeuvres.

Esfits: That’s a success.

You mean the fact that I counted it correctly?

Esfits: Looks right to me.

Monsters: Up and melee.

Up to 6 melee. Rolling for melee.

Monsters: Flashfire the Crocosaur and Dragonlord.

Rerolling Crocosaur and Dragonlord.

Esfits: For the double smite, I’ll lose the eldarim, a pine prince, a dryad, and a Hamadryad.

Monsters: 6 more? Tail is 2, correct?

Esfits: And Crocosaur tail only adds 2 each, not 3.

Yes, I forgot that tail is only 2 on the Crocosaur. Only 12 melee, not 14.

Monsters: 16 melee? Firewalker fly counts as save which is melee in attack at red.

Esfits: Yes, for some reason, it thought was during counter. Not that it was not active on counter attacks.

Yes, flaming shields adds 4 more. 16 melee and not 12.

Rolling for saves.

Start with Bash?

3 possible targets to save against 4 damage.

Monsters: 4 targets. Crocosaur rolled 4 damage.

Yep. This is hard work! I am still working out procedures that mean I don’t miss things like that. It will take a few more matches.

Monsters: It certainly doesn’t help when I choose the most convoluted mixed bag of stuff possible!

Esfits: I’ll take bash against a fireshadow and 2 stone skins with my cantrip, which I believe gives me 16 saves. Crocosaur is a possible target with 4 melee from the tails as well.

Rolling for saves.

Fireshadow also saves!!!

After all that… no more damage.

Esfits: I will counter attack please.

Now for more fun!!! Rolling for counter melee.

9 melee and a Cantrip.

Esfits: AND LOGO!

And Logo.

Esfits: Start with the logo, double hailstorm on the Firewalkers army at my home.

Monsters: Shoot! Well played!

Esfits: Cantrip will be 2 more stoneskins.

Save roll against 9 melee damage.

Monsters: Reroll two fireshadow (not the counter one).

Lots of saves!

Monsters: That’ll be great for an attack!

20 saves and a counter that is stopped by 4 stone skins.


Monsters: No reserves.