This is Part 2 of an Advanced Level Dragon Dice battle. It is recommended that you read Part 1 before continuing.


The two treefolk armies are in need of repositioning. The horde have already witnessed the sheer firepower of the Frostwing home army and were fortunate that they had decided to go for a magic defence in preference to a missile attack. The horde have the option of trying to turn the terrain down, turn it up, introduce a minor terrain, or leave it on its 3rd face.

If they turn it down, they stand the chance of the Frostwings taking it further down and launching Lightning bolts at them in reserves, but it will keep the Areosa further away from taking the 8th face tower, which would be devastating for the tree folk. For this reason, moving to terrain up is also equally problematic. Introducing a minor terrain means that they intend to stay in the firing line of the powerful missile army they are currently facing.

The home army can also manoeuvre down, not achieving much, move it up into melee range, which might tempt the wolf packs back, or introduce a minor terrain, hoping for a magic action that would allow them to assist the horde army.

The minor terrain appears to be the best and less risky option.

Treefolk 1st March

The home army introduce a swampland knoll.

That didn’t work too well! They roll a dust storm, which halves their melee results until the start of their next march.

Having only the option of missile fire, and with no target at which to aim their fire, they can take no further action until the storm subsides.

Treefolk 2nd March

The horde army are in a very dangerous place and, having to missile army to speak of, have no action that they can take by moving the terrain in either direction. However, by moving it down, they would delay the Areola missile army from reaching the tower.

The horde army attempt to manoeuvre.

The Treefolk produce only 5 manoeuvres to the Frostwings 10, failing badly.

Interesting to note here is that, if this had been a missile attack from the treefolk, they would have generated 5 hits against 10 saves too. The possibility of the Magi coming up with a Palsy-casting Cantrip is also very real.

The Treefolk horde take no further action.

The complete horde army and the magic units in the home army pull back to the reserves, leaving the missile army at the home terrain.