Round 5


Stone skin expires…..along with the other 5 of them!

1st March Esfits?

Esfits: Reserve magic please.

Rolling for magic….

Not quite.

Esfits: March 2, skip manoeuvre to keep the minor on magic, and roll for magic.

Rolling again for magic…

5 Swampstalkers and 4 treefolk magic.

Esfits: Resurrect the dryad, and summon a 1pt dragonkin.

Esfits: ….and send my reserves back to the frontier for what will be a bloodbath.

I’ll run the taps for you sir.

Monster Bash

Monsters: I’ll promote the red foal. Do I have choices? Oh… I totally forgot what was in my summoning pool.

Monsters: Let’s make it a blue foal recruit instead.

Blue foal it is then. 1st March Monsters?

Monsters: Skip manoeuvre to keep minor on magic. Melee attack.

Rolling for bloodbath….

Cantrip and Smite and 17 melee.

Monsters: I count 21 melee, 4 smite, 4 cantrip.

Crocosaur – 4
Firewalker 4 melee – 8
4 Fireminions – 12
4 Counter – 16
4 Fly – 20
dkin ID – 21

Forgot flaming shields again!! Agreed 21.

Esfits: I’ll lose the elder dryad and the 1 pt swampstalker.

Monsters: 2 Palsy on his army with the Cantrip.

Esfits: Come on double bash!

2 palsy. Rolling for saves.

Cantrip and logo. 9 minus 2 palsy so far.

Make that 13 minus 2 palsy. I am getting him confused with an Eldarim champion.

17 minus 2 is 15. 6 damage.

Esfits: 4 stoneskins. Dryad and champion perish, then counter attack.


Flurry and 4 melee.

Does flurry target? My phone is working slow.

 Esfits: No, flurry is 4 melee and reroll.


Sortie this time.

12 minus 2 for palsy leaves 10 melee.

8 cantrips and 7 saves.

Monsters: :open_mouth: 3 bellies?!

Yep I saw that.

Monsters: I went for multiple common dragonkin to mitigate those chances!

Looks like you missed!!!

Monsters: 2 flashfire. 3 dragonkin for damage.

Monsters: No reserves.

Round 6 to follow shortly…..