After the first round, there is only a single casualty in the DUAs, a Leopard Rider that came victim to our old celebrity friend, the Sharpshooter. The important battle is now about to begin as the tussle over the Coastal Tower, the home terrain of the Blues, becomes the focus of both sides’ attention.


At the start of the turn, the Flashfire spells expire.

The Eldarim in the Blue home army recruits a fire Dragonfoal.

The Dust Storm and the Transmute Rock to Mud spell are still present for now.

Blues 1st March

The reserve army, mainly Firewalkers, is composed mainly of Magic units and it is these that take the first march in support of the Coral Elf contingent.

They produce 9 results.

The Wind Walk spells that they produce nicely cancel out the Transmute Rock to Mud that is currently causing a problem for the home army.

Blues 2nd March

Bolstered by the Wind Walks, the Coral Elf / Eldarim alliance start their march by lulling the dust storm and trying to manoeuvre.

13 minus 6 plus 8 gives them a total of 15 manoeuvre results against the Trogs’ total of 8. The question now is whether to withdraw or close in.

The Trog reserve army are about to join the horde army and if they are assisted by further magic, they would almost certainly win the manoeuvre battle. The safest option for the Blues is to pull back.

The terrain moves down to its 5th face and the Blues are able to use their missiles again.

They take aim at the Trog campaign army in an effort to get rid of the magic threat.

The Trebuchet produces another Crush, the Sharpshooter gets a Bullseye and the Heartseeker hits with 3 missile results.

The Crush fails to take out the Death Mage, who is nimble enough to evade the Boulder. The Wardog Rider, however discovers too late that a wooden shield does not work well against half a ton of rock. He joins the Leopard Rider in the DUA.

The Sharpshooter picks out the other units in the army who try to save.

This time, the other Wardog Rider uses his wooden shield in the correct manner and saves himself. Not so the Hedge Wizard and Trickster.

The Sharpshooter Bullseyes again.

The Death Mage survives the second attack, but the Wardog Rider perishes this time.

The Sharpshooter fails to make it 3 in a row, but the Death Mage still has to save against a regular 4 missile results from the Heartseeker and the Elvish Bowman.

He Cantrips and Casts two Stone Skin spells.

This means that he has a total of 2 saves against 4 missile hits, leaving 2 damage. He survives the onslaught this time around.

The reserve army now move up to the frontier with the scent of victory in their nostrils.

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