Having had such a fun time trying out the Firewalkers, I have decided to do a battle report using two of my Standard ‘Test Armies’.

I am hoping that this turns out as entertaining as the two battles that I had yesterday, as it will be very valuable to introduce both races to new players.

This battle uses the two test armies that I created for demonstration games. They can be found here:

Coral Elves


11 – 4 to the Coral Elves. They go first. Frontier terrain chosen by the Firewalkers is a wasteland grove.

Round 1

Corals head for a bridge at the frontier they find the going easy as it doubles IDs for manoeuvres.

For now, they have 4 magic results to help their archers.

A Wind Walk comes into play at their home terrain.

The Firewalkers have no reason to resist this manoeuvre so the terrain moves to its 5th face.

The archers fire their best at the campaign army on the other side.

7 missile hits and the possibility of a ferry ride are produced.

The Ferry is not needed to take passengers, but could be more useful for helping out at the other home terrain.

The Gryphon flies off unaccompanied.

The Firewalkers produced 3 saves and take 4 hits.

I have a feeling that these will be back soon.

The Elves magicians retire to a safer distance in the reserves.

Leaving The Gryphon at the bridge.

The Firewalkers intend to camp out here and need to keep the terrain face as low as possible ensuring that magic can be generated from here.

No results here means the terrain remains on face 2.

Too late for the manoeuvre, they use the 3 results to resurrect a friend.

The army at the elves home want to do something about those arrows and try a manoeuvre.

Even with the Wind Walk assistance, the elves fail to hold the terrain, losing 7 to 10.

The firewalkers, seeing a missile army in front of them, decide that bows and arrows might not be very effective against tridents, and decide to attack.

They produce 8 melee results and are parried only by 2 saves. The gamble appears to be working.

The elves are in a spot of bother!

They vacate their home base and go to reinforce where they are needed. The infantry to the away terrain and the Fireshadow goes to assist the depleted magicians.

Part 2 can be found here.