This is part 2 of this tutorial battle report. It is recommended that you read the first part before this. If you have not read this, it can be found by clicking this link:-

Firewalkers v Coral Elves – Part 1

Please note that, as always, I have split the battle into pages, with 1 round being shown per page. Please make use of the buttons at the end of each page to navigate to the next page.

This Part covers rounds 2, 3 and 4 of the battle.

Round 2

At the start of round 2 the Wind Walk spell expires. The Coral elves need to regain control of their home terrain, especially as their lack of saves on terrains not containing the water element make them very vulnerable. They will use the feyland minor terrain to take down the Firewalkers’ home, knowing that once it is at its 8th face, the will lose the benefit of the water element.

At least they start off with Coastal Dodge protection.

Unfortunately their only available action is to stay still.

The magical support from the reserves fails, so a tactical re-think is required.

The second line of infantry are recalled to reserves.

…. along with the 1 remaining Archer.

The Firewalkers attempt to manoeuvre is more successful this time around, winning by 10 results to 4 thanks to the contribution of 4 from the fireminion.

The terrain moves down to its 1st face and 7 magic results are generated.

With the newly-introduced Coastal Dodge ability bestowed on the Elves, the summoning of a dragon could be counterproductive in this situation. Resurrection of two Sunbursts is the chosen way to go at this point.

The Firewalkers in the horde army find a bridge over a zone of wasteland which allows them to accelerate their movements.

The Gorgon has to stay in and wash his hair……

While the Air Flight ability of the Firewalkers allows them all to go to the party next door. They have heard that it should be a ‘magic’ event!