They are Chaos and Destruction. Those that don’t bow to them are destroyed utterly. They are quick, nimble, and cunning. Of all the races of Esfah I’ve never seen such a potent adversary. They are the Lava Elves.


Volcanic Adaptation: When at a terrain that contains Fire (Red), Lava Elves may count Manoeuvre results as if they were Save results.

This ability makes the Morehl quite resilient in their fiery homes. Most of the units with that passive ability active gives them a coin-flip chance to either dodge or block most attacks.

Cursed Bullets: When targeting an army at the same terrain with a missile attack, Lava Elves missile results inflict damage that may only be reduced by save results generated by spells. The number of missile results that may be effected in this way is equal to the number of Lava Elves units in the Lava Elves DUA , up to a Maximum of 3 per dragon you bring.

From a mechanics point of view for every dragon you bring bring 3 commons. They can take the first hits and then your missile team gets an effective smite each turn as long as they are at “close” range missile combat. The flintlocks of the Morehl are truly devastating


Necromantic Wave: Black: 5: Lava Elves: Reserves
Target any army. All units in the target army may count magic results as if they were melee or missile results until the beginning of your next turn.

This spell is nice for mage heavy army and can really capitalize on your cursed bullets passive if you have it activated. Then again you can make your mages a melee powerhouse should the need arise. Another good option is to supplement this spell with undead heavy and light magic to give them more consistent hitting power. Only bone magic will not work with this tactic as the undead will not be trying to cast magic.

Fearful Flames: Red: 3: Lava Elves:
Target any opposing unit. Inflict one (stacking) point of damage on the target. If the target is killed by Fearful Flames it makes a save roll. If no save result is generated that unit is buried

There are few options to bury units in the game of Dragon Dice. This is a nice one. Especially if you are going against a black army other than Frostwings or an army that has a good resurrection strategy like the feral on a City eighth face. If the unit is buried then there is not may way to get them back save medallions, passives, or a Grove.

Heavy Melee:

Conqueror: Rare: 3 Health: 2 Missile, 5 Melee, 1 Melee, 3 Save, 4 Smite
Duelist: Uncommon: 2 Health: 2 Save, 4 Melee, 2 Melee, 2 Manoeuvre, 2 Missile
Bladesman: Common: 1 Health: 1 Save, 1 Melee, 1 melee, 1 Missile, 2 Melee

While the heavy melee is somewhat traditional for Dragon Dice, nearly all of the Morehl carry flintlock pistols, that means that they all can contribute to the missile roll when in missile range. When in melee they are very consistent and when supplemented with duelists they can be very tough to rout in fiery terrain.

Light Melee:

Infiltrator: Rare: 3 Health: 5 Melee, 5 Manoeuvre, 1 Manoeuvre, 1 Melee, 4 Counter
Spy: Uncommon: 2 Health: 4 Melee, 4 Manoeuvre, 1 Manoeuvre, 1 Melee, 2 Missile
Scout: Common: 1 Health: 2 Melee, 1 Manoeuvre, 1 Manoeuvre, 1 Melee, 1 Missile

The Morehl light infantry are spotlighted by their devil may care style of combat and toughness when utilizing Volcanic Adaptation. They will almost always contribute to a save result in red terrain and will almost always contribute to a fight. They also carry flintlocks to assist in the close range missile combat.


Assassin: Rare: 3 Health: 5 Missile, 3 Missile, 1 Missile, 4 Bullseye, 3 Melee
Dead Shot: Uncommon: 2 Health: 2 Melee, 2 Missile, 2 Missile, 2 Manoeuvre, 4 Missile
Fusilier: Common: 1 Health: 1 Melee, 2 Missile, 1 Missile, 1 Manoeuvre, 1 Save

A couple of Assassins backed up by about 6 health of Fusiliers make for a wonderful missile contingent. They create enough saves in fiery terrain to keep the assassins firing from their pistol bandoleers.


Wyvern Rider: Rare: 3 Health: 4 Melee, 5 Fly, 1 Fly, 2 Melee, 4 Missile
Scorpion Rider: Uncommon: 2 Health: 4 Melee, 3 Manoeuvre, 2 Melee, 1 Melee, 2 Save
Spider Rider: Common: 1 Health: 1 Melee, 2 Manoeuvre, 1 Manoeuvre, 1 Melee, 1 Missile

Cavalry can hit hard, fade into the lava gouts only to reposition and fire a fusillade of bullets from their flintlocks. They have incredible defence from Volcanic Adaptation. If you can supplement these guys into a heavy melee or mage army they can give them enough survivability to withstand a sustained attack.


Necromancer: Rare: 3 Health: 2 Save, 5 Magic, 2 Magic, 3 Melee, 4 Cantrip
Warlock: Uncommon: 2 Health: 2 Melee, 2 Magic, 2 Magic, 2 Manoeuvre, 4 Magic
Adept: Common: 1 Health: 1 Save, 1 Magic, 1 Magic, 1 Manoeuvre, 2 Magic

The warrior mages of the Morehl are consistent in their magic production. They do still have a high risk/reward factory with the higher than average results on one face. But still a solid choice none the less.


4 Health

Beholder: Magic, Flame, Save, Charm, Stone, Confuse, Melee, Illusion, Save

The beholder is a Jack of all Trades. Before you say that is a bad thing think about what racials the Morehl have and what spells they have access to. If you said Necromantic Wave and Volcanic Adaptation then your on the correct path. The beholder is a tool box of random effects that keep units from rolling what they want and will most of the time disable them or the army they are in as targets from hostile effects. Necromantic wave will turn the magic face on the die into either a Missile or Melee result, as with all monsters it will be 4 results worth. This monster is defiantly worth trying out.

Drider: Web, Manoeuvre, Save, Melee, Missile, Manoeuvre, Web. Save, Melee
another melee powerhouse the Drider will act as a support unit will occasionally providing a web to keep some of your opposing units from acting during your assault or fusillade. Under the effects of Volcanic adaptation they will be incredibly durable, boasting a coin flip save contribution chance.

Hell hound: Manoeuvre, Melee, Save, Flame, Flame, Melee, Manoeuvre, Save, Melee
The amount of bury effect in the Morehl are astounding. This puppy can use the Flame SAI 20% of the time during a melee attack, then it also has a coin-flip save chance in fiery terrain! A really nice monster over all.

Lurker in the Deep: Counter, Magic, Manoeuvre, Cantrip, Magic, Volley, Cloak, Fly, Manoeuvre
With Necromantic Wave cast on an army containing this monster it becomes a true terror. The Lurker gains a 50% Missile/Melee/save(which jumps to an astounding 70% in fiery terrain) contribution chance/ it also has a 40% contribution chance to a magic roll. This Monster is the definition of the word!

Rakshasa: Manoeuvre, Illusion, Melee, Magic, Illusion, Save, Counter, Magic, Melee

At first you feel the Rakshasa is rather lacklustre compared to the other powerhouses of the race. But look again under Necromantic Wave and you will see something different. You will see that it is a melee powerhouse that can shield your army from missile and magic attacks with illusion, it has a great save contribution chance when in fiery terrain. Another all around good monster to have.


Terrain selection is one of the most important choices you make in the game of dragon dice. It will broadcast what your plan is and will also determine how well you will be able to access your racial abilities. For Lava Elves in the 4th edition of the rules you have a bit broader choice of what terrains to bring due to the race being black and red. To access your red passive while using your melee and ranged units, I suggest utilizing a highlands for the differential of faces on the terrain die. If you plan on using Necromantic Wave consistently I suggest a Feyland or Grove with some red in it for it’s 3-4 magic faces. If you plan on going full on melee then a Wastelands is the best option with 4 Melee faces

Minor Terrains:

Minor Terrains are as important as your Major Terrains. They will give you access to Volcanic Adaptation early on and can also help your strategy when it comes to action choice. If you want to go heavy melee with a few missile units to take advantage of your Cursed Bullets passive then bring in a Knoll. It has a good chance of getting a missile action on a manoeuvre roll and if it doesn’t work then you can simply melee that turn. I suggest bringing 2 Feylands, a Wastelands, and a highlands minor, the Feyland will enable you to gain Volcanic Adaptation on your most hated Coastlands terrain, while the Feyland and highlands will also let you save well on a Swamplands battlefield.


Morehl have a risk reward play style that is characterized by lots of troops to provide saves and contribution along with a rare for that extra punch. The rares in this army have better attacks than their SAIs but in my opinion the infiltrator is one of the best pieces in the game. Its always going to be a game of “Heads or Tails” with this army if you like this style of play. To do an army like this I would suggest 8 points of Missile (make sure to include an assassin), 3 Duelists, 10 points of light melee (don’t forget your Infiltrator). 4 Warlocks (for magic support and spot removal) and the monster of your choice (remember that you can use Necromantic Wave to sure up any inconsistencies with contribution chance). Bring in a red minor to get your save chance up and don’t worry about racing for an eighth, you will be wanting a battle of attrition from then on. Use your light Melee and duelists to thin away your opponents army and then pelt them with missile fire from your gunners. Make them run, then smite them down!

Another way you could play is to run about 12 health-worth of mages for Necromantic Wave and 20 health-worth of Monsters of your choice. Again, bring in red to any terrain that doesn’t have red in it and keep the monster army powered up with Necromantic Wave as long as possible I would suggest bringing a mix of casters for the mages due to them only having a 33% manoeuvre chance for contribution. But they should do well in a grove or Feyland home terrain. The rest of the strategy is to simply get to a melee face and then beat face. Any extra magic can be used for Fearful Flames, Dancing Lights, Palsies, Dragon summoning, or dragon kin summoning (if you bring in dragonkin bring the steeds so they can help with keeping the terrain at a magic face).