The Humans of Esfah are great warriors in their own rights. They excel in all forms of combat. As long as they prepare before hand. Let us take a look into the tactics of one of Esfah’s most versatile and deadliest races.


Javelin Charge: During a March, instead of taking a Manoeuvre, all Amazons in the marching army may count manoeuvre results as if they were missile results during a missile action this turn.

Kukri Charge: During a March, instead of taking a maneuver, all Amazons in the marching army may count maneuver results as if they were melee results during a melee action this turn.

Amazons may, at the cost of their manoeuvre, gain a huge amount of reliability in their facings. You can manoeuvre to a phase you want, or gain a favourable face on the minor terrain and then whittle your opponent down to nothing. If you take into account some of the dice in the army they can truly be fierce at any range, and truly unpredictable.

Terrain Harmony: Amazon units generate magic results matching the colors of the terrain where they are located. Amazon units in the reserves area generate Ivory Magic whichmay only be used to cast Elemental spells.

The humans of Esfah are truly wonderful creatures. They never seem to be at a disadvantage when it comes to magic. In fact they seem to make their own from the very fabric of the gods themselves. They are natural casters and for an Amazonian Mage army the only limitations for them is the limit of the commander’s imagination.


Esfah’s Gift: Amazon: 3: Reserve: Cantrip Target a minor terrain in your BUA. Move that terrain to your summoning pool.

The ability to get a minor terrain back from the BUA is right nice! Especially since you can have access to any colour magic you want for a constantly changing tactical supremacy.

Rally: Amazon: 5: Reserve Target up to three (stacking) of your amazon units at a terrain. Move those units to any other terrain where you have at least one Amazon unit. Path at +1 cost for 3 units is amazing when you have monsters or a reliable manoeuvre army to move around. So long as you have a unit at the target terrain you have a great chance of dealing with almost any situation when you have the tactical mind to do so.

Heavy Melee

Warlord: Rare: 3 Health: 2 Manoeuvre, 4 Melee, 3 Melee, 3 Save, 4 Smite
Warrior: Uncommon: 2 Health: 2 Save, 2 Melee, 2 Melee, 2 Manoeuvre, 3 Melee
Soldier: Common: 1 Health: 1 Save, 1 Melee, 1 Melee, 1 Manoeuvre, 2 Melee Amazonian Heavy

Melee can be some of the most efficient melee in the world. When they have time to set up a charge they have an astounding 83% chance of contribution to a Melee roll! On ALL RARITIES no less!

Light Melee:

Harbinger: Rare: 3 Health: 3 Manoeuvre, 3 Melee, 3 Melee, 3 Save, 4 counter
Envoy: Uncommon: 2 Health: 3 Melee, 3 Manoeuvre, 2 Manoeuvre, 2 Missile, 2 Save
Runner: Common: 1 Health: 1 Melee, 2 Manoeuvre, 1 Manoeuvre, 1 Missile, 1 Save

The Light Melee of the humans are devious and vicious at the same time. They are versitile when setting a charge with the same success rate of their heavy cousins. Also remember that the harbinger has a coin flip chance of saving against damage thanks to counter.


Spearer: Rare: 3 Health: 2 Melee, 4 Missile, 3 Missile, 3 Save, 4 Bullseye
Javelineer: Uncommon: 2 Health: 2 Save, 3 Missile, 3 Missile, 2 Manoeuvre, 2 Melee
Darter: Common: 1 Health: 1 Save, 2 Missile, 1 Missile, 1 Manoeuvre, 1 Melee

Um, well. That just happened. So there you have it the best bit of distance runners in Esfah. They are amazing at ranged, great at close range. I still suggest keeping them at Missile range though. Hold for a charge then let fly and see the bodies of your enemies fall.


War Driver: Rare: 3 Health: 2 Missile, 3 Trample, 3 Trample, 3 Save, 4 Melee
Battle Rider: Uncommon: 2 Health: 2 Melee, 3 Manoeuvre, 3 Manoeuvre, 2 Melee, 2 Save Charioteer: Common: 1 Health: 2 Melee, 1 Manoeuvre, 1 Manoeuvre, 1 Save, 1 Manoeuvre

Versatility is the Strength of the Cavalry. On the Charge they are amazing, usually contributing to melee, and ranged attacks. The only thing they don’t do well is magic. Don’t worry, well get to that soon. Cavalry should be your most widely used resource due to their massive advantages when charging across the battlefield.


Oracle: Rare: 3 Health: 2 Save, 5 Magic, 4 Magic, 2 Manoeuvre, 3 Cantrip
Visionary: Uncommon: 2 Health: 1 Save, 4 Magic, 3 Magic, 2 Maneuver, 2 Magic
Seer: Common: 1 Health: 1 Save, 1 Magic, 1 Magic, 1 Manoeuvre, 2 Magic

The Mages do what they do like most humans, only they don’t need to hold for a charge beforehand. They may get varying results but they will be consistent in producing results. More on these marvellous casters in the tactics sections.


4 Health

Centaur: Manoeuvre, Missile, Kick, Melee, Melee, Kick, Missile, Manoeuvre, Trample

When set the centaur can be one of the most reliable monsters in the game. With 2 missile faces and 5 melee (including trample) The centaur is a Great melee unit that can also support at missile range. Also kick is just amazing against dragons and melee.

Chimera: Melee, Smite, Rend, Melee, Save, Flame, Save, Fly, Melee

The Chimera is worth taking due to its ability to bury units in the flame ability. It is a melee unit and will work well there, with an 80% chance of contribution in melee combat.

Hydra: Melee, Save, Melee, Save, Double Strike, Save, Double Strike, Save, Melee

Every race has a tank of a monster, dwarves have the behemoth, goblins have trolls, and we firewalkers have the phoenix. Amazons have the hydra. Hard to kill and hard hitting. While it may not have much movement it does have the best save chance of the Amazonian army.

Medusa: Melee, Stone, Melee, Save, Melee, Manoeuvre, Melee, Stone, Manoeuvre

The amazons are good at most things, and the Medusa is a great example of their race. It can be amazing on a javelin charge and even better in the melee on a Kukri charge.

Nightmare: Trample, Trample, Firewalking, Melee, Fly, Manoeuvre, Firebreath, Save

The mythical nightmare is a terror on the field. Its melee capabilities are insane on the charge, but it also has the ability to whisk away units out of the melee should the need arise. They are powerful on the charge, they are tough and nimble. There really isn’t any reason to not take this powerhouse.


Terrain choice can be one of the most pivotal choices in the game of Dragon Dice. It is even more so for the Amazons. They represent your options magically and also what ranges you can use those magics. Also if an Amazon army chooses poorly they can walk directly into the potent passives of your opponents! That said, they also never really have a bad match up from opposing forces and can be a great “all comers” style army. Based off your opponent brings you can best them at their own game. For your terrains I suggest taking a look at your army and figuring out what best suits them. If you are going heavy Cavalry then I suggest a Highlands City. The use of the eighth face ability will help sure up your ability to keep troops in play while also allowing you to missile any army that attempts to take your home terrain in relative safety. For your campaign terrain you can bring whatever you want. If you went melee heavy you can bring a dragon’s lair or wastelands castle. Your strength is being versatile and a race usually ends in melee so make sure your opponent doesn’t want to push the fight that far.

Minor Terrain:

Just as major Terrain, minors can expand your magical prowess as well as give other options in your strategy. Need to debilitate your opponent? Use a manoeuvre to summon a Deadlands. Want some saves and some awesome? Call up a flatland for blue and gold magic. For this I suggest a Flatland, Deadland, Feyland, Swampland. This will focus on your magic on the gold and red from a wasteland or the blue from a Flatlands, but also give you access to each other element. If you need a spell then call it forth. If you need to back off of the minor then bury it, use Esfah’s gift so it is ready for use next turn. Based off your focus on either Melee or Missile I suggest either villages for Melee, or Knolls for Missile. Remember that you can’t have a minor terrain active when you control an eighth face.


Amazons are a great army for both new players and veterans. They can be as intricate as you want, with specialized strategies. You can also just wait for a good range with your cavalry and use a different form of racing. Racing by attrition will be an interesting way to play. This style of play is using a charge action each turn. With your cavalry in the army you will have very reliable damage coming through for each action and whittling down the opponent. Your mages can be a support, disabling, or damaging role base off the terrain the mages are at. With the proper terrain placement you can do all three at once! Truly the best way to play the Amazons is only limited by your imagination.