Having created my ‘Cheeky Army’ of Firewalkers with the sole intention of upsetting and frustrating the opposing armies, I had to try to create an antidote to this, mainly from a point of curiosity.

The obvious way to do this was to use a race that is inherently ‘anti-magical’ in nature, use as many magic killing tricks as possible, and to take out all magic generating opponents as the earliest possible convenience.

The result of these deliberations was my Frostwing army which, in all likelihood, will be tweaked into my Frostwing Army #1 and will appear in future battles.

During this tutorial battle, I will be trying to use the Firewalkers as I always use them; lots of Mirages, lots of Dragons, lots of assisted manoeuvring, lots of Lightning, white rabbits and doves.

The Frostwings will be trying to stop as much use of opposition magic as possible by virtue of magic-unfriendly terrains, racial abilities, magic nullifying spells and deliberate targeting of enemy magic units.

I have no idea how this will turn out, but I hope that the exercise will give us all a good insight as to how the Frostwings tick (or otherwise), especially with regard to their Magic Negation racial ability.

As always, this is designed not to show off my skill, or lack thereof, as a player, but to showcase two races of the game and examining how their special abilities interact to make the gaming experience that we all enjoy.

Please leave comments and suggestions. This will help me to produce more useful and relevant material in the future

Please note that, as always, I have split the battle into pages, with 1 round being shown per page. Please make use of the buttons at the end of each page to navigate to the next page.

The Firewalkers Army – this is Firewalkers Test Army #1

The Frostwings Army


The horde manoeuvre roll goes easily in favour of the firewalkers by a surprisingly good 7-1.

They choose the wasteland grove and the Frostwing army gets the first turn.

The Firewalkers get melee, the Frostwings get missile and the frontier gives magic. A battlefield made perfect for all the home troops.