As promised in the last posting that I made, here is a quick run through of my idea for this year’s Dragon Dice Gencant competition. This, you understand, is my test version and I already have the ‘real version’ ready to launch, but this will only be available at the end of July, when the competition will start ‘for real’.

My Test Army

I have chosen a dwarf army as a demonstration army as I figured that they would best take advantage of the highland terrain and give me a fair chance of producing a reasonably long demonstration. They will obviously struggle once they reach the next (coastland) terrain, as they will not be able to make use of their mountain mastery skills there.

Round 1

Beginning Phase

There are no spells to expire, nor racial abilities to use yet.

Dragon Attack

The Wyrm generates a breath attack and 5 health of units are killed with no chance of saving.

As the terrain die is on face 1, it is not decremented this time. One small mercy, I suppose.

Manoeuvre Phase

The army attempt to manoeuvre.

They generate 4 manoeuvres. The dragon rolls claw and gets 5 automatic saves, which count as 5 manoeuvres in this game. The terrain stays on face 1.

Army March Phase

The army roll for magic, as the terrain allows this action.

They generate 4 results.

A footman is brought back to life to help out with the struggle.

Redeployment Phase and Dragon Replenish

There is nothing to redeploy and no dragons to replenish yet.

Round 2

Beginning Phase

There are no spells to expire, once again.

Dragon Attack

The Wyrm attacks again.

We go from one extreme to the other, as the Wyrm rolls a belly.

The army hit with 6 melee results (and an unnecessary save). The dragon is defeated.

Manoeuvre Phase

With no dragon present, the army can manoeuvre unopposed.

The terrain goes to face 2.

Army March Phase

Again, the army roll for magic as the terrain die shows the magic action.

They produce 4 results and use them to summon a dragonkin.

Redeployment Phase

The army is not at an 8th face, so cannot redeploy.

Dragon Replenish Phase

This time the Drake takes his turn to take on our army.

Round 3

Beginning Phase

Again, no spells or racial abilities, so nothing to do.

Dragon Attack

The dragon bellies out. The army has another chance.

They generate 6 useless saves and no melee or missile hits. Both army and dragon are undisturbed.

Manoeuvre Phase

Thanks to Mountain Mastery, the Dwarves generate 5 manoeuvres against the dragon’s 5 manoeuvres. As the marching army, they win and the terrain moves to face 3.

Army March Phase

As the 3rd face is also showing magic action, the dwarves try for magic again.

They generate the 3 required to bring back another footman.

I am going to stop at this point and leave it up to readers to give the variation a try for themselves. Please let me know how you get on. As I write this, the best attempt so far reached Swampland face 4. There is your first target.

The rules can be found here: Punt your Dragon – Rules