The fourth puzzler was to count the number of missile results for this army, composed of Coral Elf and Firewalker units, with a guest appearance of an Undead unit in opposition.

The calculation is set put below using the Die Roll Resolution from the rules:-

1 – Roll the dice.

This is what we roll.

2 – Check to see if any existing effects will force or allow a die to be re-rolled. Apply these effects one at a time until all re-rolls have been made.

Not applicable

3 – Identify any applicable SAIs that have not already been applied and apply their effects one by one in whatever order you choose. Any normal action results or roll modifiers that those SAIs generate are applied during the following steps.

Not applicable

4 – Count up all non-SAI generated action results to obtain a subtotal.

None of the effects include anything to do with melee, manoeuvre or save results, so these can be discounted. We have 9 missile and 6 IDs.

5 – Apply modifiers that subtract (results can never be reduced to below 0).

The Wither subtracts 3 missile results. It does not matter which, but I have taken away the results from Coral Elves.

6 – Apply modifiers that divide (results are rounded down).

The Landslide icon on the minor terrain halves the missile results (the IDs are missile results), so we leave as many IDs as possible. The Poisonous Cloud from the Water Dragon Breath also halves the missile results, but the rules state that a result can only be doubled of halved once, so this is ignored.

7 – Add SAI generated action results to obtain a new subtotal.

Our 4 Create Fireminion SAIs become 4 missiles.

8 – Apply modifiers that multiply.

Not Applicable.

9 – Apply modifiers that add (any ‘counts as’ results are also added now) to obtain a final total.

The 4 missile from the Fiery Weapon spell adds in another 4 missile results.

This means that the total number of missile results, and the answer to our Puzzler #4 is 14. Congratulations to everyone who got this answer and thanks to Chuck for his continued assistance with producing answers and other advice.