Sometimes, being dead is nowhere near as bad as it is cracked up to be……

During one of our league matches, as often happens, an interesting play occurred that made me think that the calculation involved would make a good basis for one of our puzzlers.

The Lava Elves were at their Highland home terrain attacking an Undead Horde army at the same terrain. The Elves had already lost a 3 units which were currently residing in the DUA. The Lava Elf Horde army had previously cast 3 Palsy Spells on the Undead horde, and some friendly Goblins had assisted them with a Stone Skin.

The Elves rolled 8 missile results, and the Undead rolled 9 saves as shown below.

Morehl missile attack

The question for this puzzler is “What damage, if any, is to be taken by the Undead horde army”?


The Elves generate 8 missile results of which only 5 can be saved with a die roll, thanks to their Cursed Bullets ability and having 3 units in the DUA.

The Undead roll 9 saves minus 3 from the Palsy spells, leaving 6. These saves negate the 5 remaining hits, so only 3 damage is to be taken. However, the Stone Skin spell can reduce the damage from cursed bullets, so this means that the Undead take only 2 damage.