This is a recording of the first Division 1 match of the season. Coral Elves and friends take on Amazons and others.

Dodgers little Bog Runner did his best but it’s no match for Amazons forces.

Amazons do you want terrain choice or first turn?

Amazons: I will choose my grove and go second.

7 drops to 6 at the frontier

In this tournament 7s are re-rolled.

5 Missile.

Round 1

Talvatic Coast Dodgers

Dodgers: I will recruit a dragonkin at my home please. First march missile attack from home on his campaign army.

Eldarim dragonkin recruit.

Dodgers: At home army please.

I can’t read. Fixed!

SAIs galore!

Dodgers: Bullseyes on the 1 health mages. Crush on the Dragonlord.

Referees note: bullseye is a reroll SAI so you are correct that it had to resolve first.

3 perish and 3 more missile.
No maneuver, dragonlord is killed.
No save, he is buried.

Saving against 7 missile results.

Save roll.

Dodgers: Looks like the oracle goes down?

Correct! Impale can only target the Oracle who rolled ID and kills it. Leaving only 1 save against 7 missile is 6 damage. 4 health is left so they so die and the dragonstaff is buried. That was a brutal first roll!

Dodgers: Yes. Quite a good one.

Second March?

Dodgers: Is face 4 magic on the grove?


Dodgers: Second March down to 4 and magic please.

Dodgers: I make that 6 blue?

Yes, Blue champion logo is 2 ID.

Dodgers: Thinking…Two blizzards on my home please.

Dodgers: Sorry! Wrong spell. Deluge on my home I meant. Sorry. I don’t have enough green. Try again. Lightning strike the nightmare then! 50/50!

Final answer?

Dodgers: Can I ask a friend?

Only once per game 😉

Dodgers: Try it.

The Nightmare is struck down by lightning!

Dodgers: Phew!!

Oh the carnage!

Dodgers: No reserves. End turn.

Name to be Announced Later

Amazons your turn.

Amazons: I don’t think this first round could have gone worse for me!

Me neither, sorry 🙁

Amazons: Eldarim racial, bring in a 1 point dragonkin.

Amazons: First March at coral elf home, attempt manoeuvres.

Dodgers: Oppose.

I count 6-7 successfully opposed.

Dodgers: The deluge? 3-4 I think?

Amazons: There was no deluge you didn’t have the green.

Dodgers: I’m glad that someone is awake!!

Amazons: Either way, I concede.

Dodgers: Really??

Amazons: I had to get that off missile to stand a chance and with 21 of 36 health gone already, I don’t have a shot.

That was the worst of possible starts