Six months and over five thousand page views after its inauguration, he decides to write an introduction to the Esfah Chronicles. Why?

August 2019 has been a strange and interesting time for the Global Dragon Dice community in that 3 major events all converged, bringing with it a greater amount of interest than the game usually enjoys.

I am referring, of course, to the prile of events known as Kickstarter, Gencon and, more importantly for some of us, GenCant.

The Kickstarter and Gencon combined to bring a lot of former players out of the shadows and also to bring in some new blood to the game. For this reason, I am writing this blog entry at this time, by way of a Welcome and an Introduction to what The Esfah Chronicles is all about.

The Esfah Chronicles

If you are reading this, then you are already reading The Esfah Chronicles, our Dragon Dice Magazine and fan blog which was started by myself back in January 2019 with the sole purpose of introducing a friend of mine to the game by turning a battle into a kind of interactive story.

Since then, it has grown and we now have several regular contributors, all from the Dragon Dice community and working solely for the love of the game.

Mr Jeff Denmon – Jeff is a regular and well respected contributor, who specializes in studying the tactical side of the game by taking it apart, one unit at a time, in the hope that new players will cut short their tactical journeys with the help of his guidance.

Mr Christopher Schmitz – Christopher is an author. He writes fiction. In fact, Christopher writes fantasy fiction based on the world of Esfah and has written a short story especially for this blog, for which I am very grateful. I am hoping that he will soon be gracing us with more sword and sorcery, possibly from his novel.

Mr Joshua Cavalchini – Joshua is another good friend of mine who I have never met. He, Jeff and Greg Ison tend to work together at odd hours of the day, trying to come up with ways of generating interest in the playing of the game. His contribution so far, has been the overseeing of the GenCant 2019 project, better known as Dragon Deluge, which has whipped up a lot of interest recently.

Mr Nathan Miller – Nathan has disappeared from the scene recently, having more important things to do, like bringing up his daughter, but I am sure that he will return in the future. Nathan is my sparring partner for Dragon Dice battles played using Messenger. He also likes numbers – lots of numbers!!

Yours Truly – My function on here is to act as the overall ‘editor’ to ensure that the blog has a consistent style and direction. In my spare time I play battles against myself, photo all the die rolls and explain what I am doing in the hope that someone might learn from them a little about how the Version 4 rules work.

Our Aim

The aim of this blog is to present articles about the Dragon Dice world that players will find useful and engaging. Each article or ‘battle’, for example, takes me several hours to put together, so I do hope that someone is getting something useful from this. Ditto the other contributors, some of us discussing ideas for several hours over a 15 hour time zone difference between USA, Scotland and Australia. Needless to say, getting us all together when we are all available at the same time is, in itself, quite a challenge.

We are constantly looking for more contributors and more different ideas so, if you feel that you have something to contribute to the community, please make yourself known to us and we would like to discuss your ideas. This blog is a project for all players, not just a bit of fun for a few of us who would, in reality, prefer to spend more time playing and less time writing about playing.

Dragon Season is now over!!

Now that the Dragon Deluge has been conquered by the collective membership (with the sole exception, as far as I am aware, of the Frostwings), I would now like to declare Dragon Season over official for this year by officially thanking the large amount of participants, far too many to name without forgetting a few and offending them because I missed them out.

It is now time for us to think up more shenanigans to tide us over until the announcement of our Advent and Festive programmes!!!