It is that time of year again where some of our number ‘can’ attend Gencon, and the Rest of Us, in the world miles away from Indianapolis, GenCant.

The idea is to play solo versions of our favourite Board games, while everyone else is out enjoying playing against each other in real tournaments. To drum out the noise of our friends, colleagues and adversaries reporting back about what a good time they are having, we here on ‘The Chronicles’ have produced our own competition that we can play on our own, but with each other!

Welcome to Dragon Deluge 2019!

The Dragon Deluge Solo Variant has now been around for a couple of weeks, but if you have not yet seen the rules, they can be found by clicking on this link:-

The Dragon Deluge Solo Variant for Dragon Dice

Although the rules are quite straightforward and, in my opinion, clearly written, I have produced photo stories of a couple of my attempts as found here:-

First attempt with Firewalkers

First successful attempt (with Amazons and Luck)

Our Quest, Should you wish to accept the challenge.

I am hoping that from August 1st until August 4th, the readers of these Chronicles will collectively manage to beat the dragons at Deluge at least once with each single-race army.

I have managed to win with an all Amazon force, so we only have 11 more to do between us!! However, it won’t be easy… are my ‘failed attempts’ with Goblins. I even cheated by using a Mantlet in one game, and still got eaten and frazzled!

The Score Sheets can be downloaded using this link –

Taking Part

In order to assist in our quest, all you have to do is download the scorecard, print out a few copies and read the Dragon Deluge Rules.

Then you make a single race army and play. NOTE – No Dragonkin, Eldarim or Items are allowed. This is for units of a single race only.This rule does not, however, if you are both German and called Patrick. In this instance you are allowed to use Medallions.

If you have a (reasonably) successful attempt, just post your completed scoresheet on the Facebook group and, if at all possible (for added interest), a photo of your attempt in play.

Remember that the idea is that we collaboratively beat the dragons, we are not expecting everyone to beat then with each of the 12 races on their own. This means that 12 of us can pick 1 race each and keep going until we beat them with our chosen race.

I will be keeping a gallery of our collaborative attempts to beat the Dragons in ‘The Chronicles’ for all to see!!

You never know, there could be a prize at the end for the best contributor.

New!!! – Patrick’s Fillable Score Card

For those of you wanting to help save the planet, Patrick Kurrat has produced a fillable score card which can be downloaded using the button below. Be aware that this is a large file.

Meanwhile on a Different Planet….

As I have stated many time on here, my interest in board games was brought about by my discovery of the Tile-laying masterpiece known as ‘Carcassonne’. As an active member of Carcassonne Central and, as my friend who owns the server running ‘The Esfah Chronicles’ is a Global Moderator on Carcassonne Central, I felt that I should make readers aware, and invite them to join in with the GenCant happening over there.

The link to this year’s thread is here:-

Carcassonne Central GenCant 2019

The Rules of the Carcassonne Invaders can be found here: