The Selumari are having an unlucky patch at the moment, failing to produce results that they need at the right time.

Their strongest hand is their missile force and they have a Wind Walk currently working against them. This means that there is a window of opportunity to tip the balance in their favour using another minor terrain. They have two left to use, both are knolls which lean towards missile attack.

The Selumari look for assistance from a knoll, which gives them assistance with defence.

The save x2 face means that ID results count double for save rolls.

They take a gamble and engage with the horde once more.

The knoll gives no assistance and only 10 melee results ensue.

This is met with a resistance of 11 saves.

They counter.

A Cantrip of 4 strength.

The Hailstorm generated takes out the solitary bowman at the frontier.

They also produce 6 melee results.

24 saves are enough to ensure that the Selumari live to fight back.

The reserves wake up and generate a few magic results.

An Evoker is brought back to offer medical support.

A new campaign army descends on the frontier.

A new hospital is established in the reserve.

Part 11 can now be found here:-

Coral Elves v Firewalkers – Part 11