This is part 9 of an advanced level Dragon Dice battle and it is recommended that, if you have not done so already, you read the first eight rounds before reading this.

The start of the battle can be found here:-

Advanced Dragon Dice – Coral Elves v Firewalkers

At the start of the 9th round, the Empyrea have to do something to stop the Selumari from taking their home terrain. Their best way of doing this will be to join them and fight.

The dragonsteed can now be promoted to a dragon champion, thanks to the resurrection of the Eldarim unit in the previous round.

The Fireshadow in reserves attempts, and fails, to make a resurrection.

The Empyrean magicians generate 9 magic plus 2 air magic from the Eldarim.

6 are used to resurrect an Eldarim racer.

The remainder are used on a not too successful mirage, which only sends a Bowman back to reserves.

The Fireshadow leads the offensive.

To be joined by the cavalry soon after.