Selumari 1st March

The Selumari reserve army attempt to generate magic.

They somehow manage to accumulate 5 results and cast Wind Walk.

The Home army now have at least a small chance of outmanoeuvring the Undead.

Selumari 2nd March

The Home army, assisted with Wind Walk, try to manoeuvre, contested by the Undead.

The Flatland Bridge is rolled.

This might help! The ID rolls for manoeuvre count double. The playing field levels.

The Selumari win the battle by 12 results to 10, thanks to the assistance from the spell. The terrain now moves down to its 7th face.

As there is no chance of the Elves doing damage to the Undead army and, even if they did, the Open Grave would come into effect, the idea of melee attack never sees the light of day. The way has been made clear, however, for the Vagha to attack the Undead and the Elves are hoping that this distraction might help them get to the Frontier without being attacked.

The reserves go to the Frontier.

The home army therefore leave the battle against the Undead to the Vagha and pull back to the reserves.


The only fly in the ointment for the Vagha is that the Undead will possibly be concentrating on attacking them with Magic as soon as they regain the Coastland 8th face.

Vagha 1st March

The Home army roll for magic.

The Dragonstaff is now working on overdrive, and summons another Dragon.

The Fire/Ivory Drake takes on the Undead. The Dragonstaff rolls again.

They produce 11 results and a further 4 fire magic results from the Dragonstaff.

The 4 from the Dragonstaff and 3 from the Skirmisher combine to summon another Dragon to the Undead.

4 more results are used to Path the Thaumaturgist with his Dragonstaff to the Undead’s old home terrain.

The last 4 magic results produce another Path to transport the Roc in the other direction.

Vagha 2nd March

Uncontested, the horde capture Standing Stones in the Highlands. They roll for magic.

This time they generate 11 dwarf magic and 4 elemental fire results. looks like a repeat performance.

As a first trick, they summon another Dragon. This time at the Frontier, not only attacking the Selumari, but also making the Feral think twice about their next move.

This is followed by two Path spells to bring in two more Thaumaturgists.

The Footman goes to help out at home, and two Skirmishers make their way home, via the reserves.

Time to wake up the Feral.