The double dragon offensive generates a claw and a tail.

.. and another treasure is dropped by the Wyrm. With no promotion possible as the DUA contains only single health units, the treasure is of no use to the Selumari.

The Rend from the Gryphon adds 4 melee results and he tries again.

A Fly result, giving 4 more saves.

The 2 Fly SAIs, the 2 Eldarim saves and the automatic save from the dragonkin gives a total of 11 saves against the 9 generated by the dragons. This means that all the IDs can be used as melee and missile results.

This is not necessary, however, as the army has already generated 10 melee and 18 missile results before counting any of the IDs. This means that both dragons are dispatched.

Again, no promotion is possible from the DUA.

At the start of the round, another dragonkin is recruited by the Eldarim.

Now they must choose between marching forward or trying to wipe out the opposing campaign army.

Missile time!

There are 2 SAI results that need to be considered first. These are the Ferry and the Sneak Attack. The Rend does not have any effect during a missile attack.

The Sneak Attack kills 4 health of units with no saves possible. That means these two go.

The Ferry means that 4 health of units can be carried to another terrain.

These Eldarim will help.

Now we count the missile results. We have 7 regular missile results and 7 more from IDs, giving a total of 14 missile results.

A dragonkin shows his belly and loses the automatic save, while the other produces the only 2 saves courtesy of them being automatic too, giving a resistance of 2 save results.

The Empyrea suffer a big hit of 12 damage, wiping out the entire campaign army.

How fortunate that the Gryphon happened to drop by just before this happened. It looks like the balance has just tipped against the Empyrea.

They march forward, as the terrain moves up to the 2nd face.

The magic generation does not really happen.

The reserves reinforce, all others remain at the tower.

Round 6 can be found here:-

Coral Elves v Firewalkers – Part 6