Ouch! The dragon bites.

The Gryphon can ferry away 4 health of units, but this will leave at best only 5 saves, meaning the remaining 2 units are eliminated. This is exactly the same result if they stay where they are.

The Gryphon ferries the last living Selumari magician to a safer place.

The Conjurer perishes, along with his Bodyguard.

A Dragonscout is recruited at the start of the Selumari turn.

At this point the Selumari can try to run to the tower 8th face in the hope that the Empyrean magic will not leave them too weak by the time they get there, or they can try their luck pitching for a visit to a minor terrain and potentially waste a turn, giving the Firewalkers more time to attack them.

The enemy are out of reach from where they stand unless they can use magic. Even then, most of the magic generating units are in the DUA.

The only real option is to march forward in the hope that the enemy run out of steam.

They push on to the 6th face of the terrain. From here, owing to the lack of opposition units in the vicinity, they are able to carry out no other action.

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