The Wyrm strikes with tail for 3.

And again for another 3 damage.

Finishing its attack with a claw, giving a total attack of 12 hits.

A very useful defense gives the Selumari many options.

Firstly, the Gryphon Ferry takes the Dragonlord to the frontier.

The 26 saves and the 10 missile hits are enough to see off the dragon.

The triumphant Selumari hand out the awards, with 4 units promoted.

This leaves the Empyrea thinking hard on the wisdom of summoning single dragons on terrains with large armies and a multitude of 2+ health units in its DUA.

The Dragonlord recruits a Dragonfoal of the watery variety to help to change the battle from a magic fest into something a touch more Selumari.

Instead of manoeuvres, the home army look for assistance from a knoll which, at a 37.5% chance of success, comes good for missile fire.

They take a shot at the Empyrea at the frontier.

Their run of tremendous luck begins to fade, as they rustle together only 8 missile results.

The Firewalkers make 4 saves, leaving them with 4 damage to be taken.

Owing to the need to keep magic units and also retain manoeuvres, two Watchers are chosen. This will also allow promotions to happen to 1 health units, should the opportunity arise.

The Selumari campaign army try to manoeuvre against a resistance from firewalkers.

They lose out by 8 results to 9 from the firewalkers.

Whilst here, they attempt some magic of their own.

No magic, but a ferry ride home.

The Dragonfoal wanders back to the summoning pool.

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