This is part 8 of an advanced level Dragon Dice battle and it is recommended that, if you have not done so already, you read the first seven rounds before reading this.

The start of the battle can be found here:-

Advanced Dragon Dice – Coral Elves v Firewalkers

Once again, no dragonkin units can be recruited or promoted due to only 5 health of Eldarim being present at their home terrain.

The Empyrean campaign army move the terrain down to its 1st face and try some magic.

They produce 6 magic results.

Which are used to dispatch 4 out of 5 missile units to the reserves using a Mirage.

The ‘real’ magicians then follow up with 8 fire and air results, and a further 4 air and a further 4 fire results.

The 12 air results produce two very successful (and useful) Lightning Strikes, blowing out the very dangerous Selumari Sharpshooter and one of the Gryphons.

The fire magic is used to resurrect a shield bearers but, as it is an Eldarim, this could mean that another health worth of Dragonkin can be added to the army, if there are no casualties.

Having done their job of keeping the missiles at bay at two terrains, the two magic casting units retire to the reserves, hoping to get another chance at resurrecting more Empyrea.

The cavalry and infantry units return home to help defend the other magicians.